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Scanspeak Rediscovery Kit Pair

Scanspeak Rediscovery Kit Pair
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Price: $677.79
Product ID : redisc-
Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
Weight: 22.00 lbs
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Scan-Speak Rediscovery Loudspeaker Kit

High-end without the high price! 2-way design featuring the latest Scan-Speak loudspeaker technology. In true DIY spirit, brought to you by Madisound in conjunction with speaker designer Suman Jana. Price is PER PAIR, we have just pictured one set of the drivers. Each standard kit consists of two Scan Speak 18W/8531G woofers, two Discovery D2608/9130 tweeters, and two assembled crossovers with Steel Laminate coil and Clarity SA cap. We do recommend the Goertz inductor upgrade available via the pull-down menus. Accessories and crossover upgrades are optional. Please see pulldown menu above.

Kit includes:

(2) Scan Speak 18W/8531G woofers
(2) Discovery D2608/9130 tweeters
(2) Fully assembled ReDiscovery crossovers

Rediscovery Drive Units

18W/8531G-00 7" Revelator mid/woofer. Non-resonant cone and dust cap structure, dynamic linear suspension, SD-1 magnet system, “Grasshopper" cast chassis with maximized air flow and resonance terminating mounting system. Less resonance in all structures; lower compression and higher linearity; faster termination of excess energy; and higher sound pressure capability. This 7" slit paper cone driver is widely considered one of the best mid/bass units in existence. Made in Denmark.

Discovery D2608/9130 1" Textile Dome HDS Tweeter. The Discovery tweeter uses a very light, low mass soft dome with high internal damping, and a highly-optimized, low-compression magnet system, which was designed especially for the low mass dome. The result is a driver with both good sensitivity and an impressive range into the lower frequencies. The low mass dome, coupled with a fully vented motor system, provides non-compressed sound reproduction over the entire frequency response. This combination allows the Discovery tweeter to be used in systems with lower cross-over points than recommended for most normal tweeters, making this product a powerful tool for any acoustic designer in the process of tuning a system.

Rediscovery Crossover

The woofer inductor (L3) is (at minimum) a 2.7mH 15 AWG Sledgehammer Steel Laminate. Goertz 14awg CF2.7 mH is recommended upgrade. We recommend Clarity Cap (ESA 250V)for the C1 capacitor and Eagle or Mundorf brand metal oxide resistors for R1 and R4. Note R2 and R5 are inductor DCR's, not resistors!. Unless requested otherwise, crossovers will be assembled on two single matrix boards per channel, each measuring 5.5" x 5.63." This system is bi-wire ready, at either crossover or at the terminals (optional). The copper foil inductor upgrade is recommended and makes a big difference!

Crossover Schematic with 4.5 dB Baffle Step

  • System efficiency: 84 dB with baffle step compensation of 4.5 dB.
  • Recommended amplifier power: 30 - 250W
  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
  • Frequency response (3dB): 35- 20,000Hz
  • Bass unit: Revelator 7"(180mm) slit paper cone
  • Tweeter: Discovery 1" (25mm) textile dome w/ large roll surround, double magnet
  • Crossover frequency: @1500Hz
  • Recommended Cabinet Dimensions (H x W x D): 41" x 8.5" x 12"
  • Recommended Cabinet Parameters: 40 liters with single 2" *flared* vent x 6" length/ tweeter offset 3/4"

Cabinet Plans

Please refer to the PDF file for cabinet drawing. Cabinets are not included. 
Enclosure Drawing PDF

Want custom cabinets built?


Many of our cabinets can be custom built by Lee Taylor & Co. of Philmont NY. Please follow this link to Lee's website and discuss veneer options and pricing. Lee can also put your speakers together for an additional fee.

Rediscovery 2-Way Accessories Package

This accessories package is available for convenience as part of the kit or feel free to purchase any of these items separately. As with all our kits, the discount only applies to this accessories package, not individual parts purchases.

  • 20'of Supra Classic 1.6 speaker cable for internal wiring – 15awg Tin-plated Oxygen-free Copper from Sweden.
  • One tube of Household Goop for adhering ports and insulation.
  • Quick Connects x 16 for easier connection of drive units and terminal cups.
  • Mounting Hardware: 22 of the 8x1 Socket Head Screws and 8 of the 6x3/4 Oval Head Screws for TD-CUPS.
  • Damping Materials are two of our acoustic foam sheets (ours are 27" x 42" and 5/8" thick) and 2 lbs of Acousta-Stuf complex fiber fill.
  • 2FLARE 2" Precision Flared Ports: two per kit, for vented box option. Per the cabinet design, both flares are used without the center piece (we have found flared ports tend to provide better air flow than straight PVC).
  • TD-CUP Terminal Cups: two per kit. High quality gold plated brass binding posts. Accepts banana plugs,spades or raw wire, and are bi-wire/bi-amp ready.
  • 8' of foam gasket tape for use with mounting the drivers.

Note: Kit pricing reflects a 10% discount to all drivers, crossovers, and optional accessories. Price is PER PAIR, that is two woofers, two tweeters, and two crossovers

Graphs and Measurements

Designer Notes (by Mr. Suman Jana)

"I wanted to build a loudspeaker to sound like an active 3-way system but I prefer the simplicity and cost effectiveness of a passive 2-way system. For the passive 2-way system one needs a midwoofer as good as any woofer in terms of low frequency extension and a tweeter with very clean low end to allow a low crossover point. Scanspeak Revelator 18W/8531G is an automatic choice for the above criteria.The Revelator is a champion performer with the cleanest midrange and low frequency extension to 35 Hz (-3db) with a minor inconvenience, impedance blip at 850Hz. I have selected Scanspeak Discovery D2608/9130 tweeter (formerly Peerless HDS 810921) over the 6600 Revelator due to cost and cleaner low end. I named loudspeakers as Scanspeak Rediscovery Tower. I decided to cross the drivers at 1500 Hz to cover up the Impedance blip of the revelator with acoustic 4th order slope after a lot of listening and tweaking. Let me confess that I do not have the full test setup as [some other designers have]. What I have is a pair of Sennheiser PX-100 headphones, lot of songs and test signals loaded in my laptop, a Cambridge Audio Azur 640A V2 amplifier rated 75 watt rms/ch and an accurate LCR meter. I use manufacturer's impedance data and infinite baffle data traced out using SPL Trace. For modeling I use LspCad and Baffle Diffraction Simulator. The system sensitivity is kept at 84 db with baffle step compensation of 4.5 db. With a baffle of 8.5" to 9" wide the FR flattens to +/- 0.5 db in the midrange. I used a 40 litre cabinet measuring 8.5"(w) x 12"(d) x 41"(h) with 1/2" round over at the edges and tweeter offset is 3/4". Walls of the cabinet including the baffle is made with 1" thick MDF. The cabinet is lined with 1/4" thick rubberized foam and braced with 4 internal ventilated shelves. They are also heavily stuffed in the bottom and moderately stuffed behind the woofers. One can also use Madisound 38T cabinet, 3/4" offset for the tweeter. The port is tuned at 32 Hz with 2" flared ports with 2 flares connected together without the connecting pipe."

Customer Review

"I (and my hi-fi fanatic brother in law) have been quite impressed. The highs are well controlled and the bass is more extended than I expected. The imaging is great and while the sound is detailed, it is relaxed. My previous speakers (no name mentioned) were very forward and "in your face" with a tendency to stridency at mid-high frquencies and were tiring to listen to - despite having excellent technical measurements. No such problems with the Rediscovery units I am happy to say. We have played them with and without a sub-woofer in the system. At reasonably high sound levels the bass is fine without a sub - so the baffle compensation really does a good job. At lower levels though the sub provides for a better bottom end as would be expected. We have thrown just about every music genre at the speakers and found no weakness. They have been up and running for less than a week at this point so I guess these impressions are only initial ones. I will update you again in a month or so after I have spent a lot more time in the listening chair. My amp is 55W per channel. I was worried whether it could drive the Rediscovery speakers but that has not proven to be a problem. At this stage I am very happy with the kit and the value for money it provides. My further listening has not changed my views, rather they have reinforced them. Female vocals are particularly impressive (e.g.Cassandra Wilson "Blue light 'til Dawn, Patricia Barber Mythologies."

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by zilfinger
02/11/2012 - 12:16:04 AM
Rediscovery revelator kit review
Having lost an ebay auction for a north creek borealis I was looking for a precise imaging speaker with reasonable bass to fit a 1.4 cubic foot approximately 40 liter cabinet I had on hand. The aircirc tweeter/revelator kit was above my budget and the sr71 and others were too low. I looked at the eton but wanted more bass. Then I stumbled upon this rediscovery kit. A little research turned up the tweeter as formerly Peerless HDS for which there are many positive DIY reviews so I figured this was it. My roughly borealis sized speaker, not quite the floorstander the plans call for, with great imaging as monitors have and good bass.
Well, it was not without it's trials as the first baffle was 1/8 inch further away on the tweeter. This completely wrecked the imaging. So, another baffle and voila, c'est fixed! That part anyway.
The sledgehammer standard inductors for the revelator put the sound way in the background and you heard mostly the tweeter and although this was a nice "far away" presentation they had to go because the revelator is what the kit was really purchased for. Fantastic midrange with great detail and imaging the scanspeak revelator series are known for. Arguably the best mid woofer on the market right now. I wish I had gotten the upgraded goertz coils but at this point I put in some reasonably priced Jensen coils. This opened up the sound stage amazingly and really let the revelators come alive. At this point I noticed one revelator was breaking in more quickly than the other. A minor problem solved with more break in time.
Now the next thing I want to say is I am not a fan of clarity cap SA. To me they are anything but clear. Very lacking in detail. However I must say that like most I am a budget audiophile and have not tried the many boutique caps out there. Hovlands are nice but expensive. So the first thing I like to try is solen chatareaux film caps. These were in the kit at my request so I installed the crossovers and fired them up. Very nice without the terrible treble you get with solens and many tweeters. Solens have fantastic detail, especially when broken in and are sweet too. Most of the time they are too bright. Especially with metal dome tweeters. This tweeter is not a soft dome textile but a hard stiff textile dome. The best of both worlds and mates very well with the Solen caps. There was still something missing so I brought up the value to 12.22 with a .22 hovland and wow! Great improvement in depth and smoothness. A real positive tweak. Crossing a tweeter at 1500 Hz is also a fantastic plus. The loudspeaker design cookbook speaks very positively about this approach and many a fantastic monitor is crossed low. This gives a particular sense of clarity and spaciousness if done properly. I have had other 2 way speakes with low crossover points and I really enjoy this sound.
Now at this point I was still a little bit disappointed. Oh, I should say that internal wire always has an effect so to make sure I was doing this right I used doubled mundorf 1mm silver gold with techflex jacket. This is wonderful wire. Very detailed and smooth. In this size speaker at five dollars a foot from ebay it is well worth it.
So, for the finale. As I said, the speakers just didn't quite have it at this point, even with all the above tweaks each of which made tremendous improvements. I have, in the past tweaked a few power amps with Cardas binding posts and noted that some speakers come with these fantastic posts. I had originally used some cheap brass posts from dayton. Don't do this.
When I put in the gold plated solid copper billet Cardas binding posts I had left over from an amp project, well, you just wouldn't believe it.
These are simply the most amazing speakers you ever heard in a mid-sized package. Nothing but smooth, spacious, luscious, mind boggling, take you someplace far away speakers. Everything, I mean everything was there. The bass also came out of nowhere and made this sound like a full sized floorstander. Of course they were close to the walls in my smallish listening room but the bass is ALL there.
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
So, my friend if you don't have the money for the aricirc tweeter kit do not fret. Just get the better inductors and make sure you use Cardas binding posts, The plain copper ones are about sixty dollars for two speakers so no excuses there. If you build this kit as I did you will never regret missing out on your dream speakers on ebay as you will find these are truly a dream come true.
No kidding!

Reviewed by bought "Scanspeak Rediscovery Kit Pair" on our website
12/22/2011 - 04:34:16 PM
I bought this kit thinking I could build a speaker that sounds like a Totem Forest with a similar footprint. So far I've only built rough test cabinets and have been using them for a couple of months without any major changes in damping/bracing, yet. I will build new cabinets during the new year.
Long story short, after using them for a month or so I went to demo the Forest & Hawk at the store I bought my Arros. The Rediscovery (to my ear) sounded better, a combo of the 2 demo'd speakers. The bass of the Forest & mids of the Hawk, imaging was great too. Very satisfying considering I was thinking the pro models would trounce mine! I can only think that building better cabinets will help the cause. The nice thing is I already feel level to the professional speakers.
Another thing I've found is they preform very well with tubes. I figured having low efficiency it might be a problem, not to worry, at least with my 50 watts. I guess the impedance curve isn't too hairy? Solid State really brings out the bass though. Nice Kit!!! Well designed. Thanks!