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Seas Prestige "The Diego" 2-Way Compact Speaker Kit - Pair

Sale Price: $149.00
Compared at: $299.30
You Save: $150.30
Product ID : Diego
Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
Weight: 10.00 lbs
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"The Diego" Seas Prestige Compact 2-Way Speaker Kit - PAIR
Price is for a PAIR

By way of a special purchase from Seas of Norway, we bring you The Diego! 

This compact 2-way speaker kit utilizes Seas Prestige line drivers, along with fully assembled crossovers, in an easy to build design.

The simple and effective crossover was designed by the Seas R&D team in Norway. The tweeter section is 1st order with a single cap, along with a single resistor to trim the tweeter level. The woofer section is 2nd order with a single inductor in series and single capacitor in parallel. Please note the measured response of the finished system above.

Both drivers are truncated for optimally close spacing. 

Each $149.00 Diego Kit Includes:

  • (2) Seas P12RC/CTV H1421-08 4.5" poly cone mid/bass woofers
  • (2) Seas 27TFFN/C-C H1482-06 1" soft dome tweeters
  • (2) Professionally Assembled Crossovers

Optional Accessories Package (includes discount):

  • (24) Quick Connects - QC110 for tweeters & woofers, QC187 for x-overs & input cup tabs 
  • (2) NB-CUPS - input cups
  • (5ft) Supra Sky 1.6 - 15 awg internal speaker wire
  • (8) OX6PAN3_4 Phillips head screws - mount tweeters
  • (20) OX8PAN1 Phillips head screws - mount woofers and input cups
  • (1) Small amount of Acousta-Stuf internal damping material
  • (3ft) Foam gasket tape - airtight seal of drivers to baffle

Parts to consider individually if not purchasing the Optional Accessories Package:

Assembled Crossovers

Professionally assembled crossovers with air core coil on the woofer, and Solen FastCap + Mundorf MOX resistor on the tweeter. ClarityCap PX and ClarityCap ESA cap upgrades available from the drop down menu.

Mid/bass Driver

Seas P12RC/CTV H1421-08
4.5” High Fidelity mini woofer with a stiff and stable injection molded metal chassis. Careful matching of polypropylene cone, a natural rubber surround, and a soft PVC dust cap as resulted in a high quality and high consistency mid/bass driver. The high temperature voice coil wound on an aluminum voice coil former gives high power handling capacity. Large windows in the basket both above and below the spider reduce sound reflection, air flow noise, and cavity resonance. The unit is suitable for very small two-way ported systems producing satisfyingly deep bass and a clean neutral midrange. The MCA12RC H1304 & CA12RCY H1152 are the closest regular production drivers to this woofer. The P12 specs out as a woofer like the CA12RCY, but with the smaller magnet of the MCA12RC.


Seas 27TFFN/C-C H1482-06
Compact design neodymium magnet tweeter for high quality speaker designs in small cabinets. Sonolex pre-coated lightweight fabric diaphragm and suspension allows for very tight production tolerances and high consistency. Wide roll surround together with a double chamber magnet system results in a low fundamental frequency. Very low magnetic stray fields make this unit suitable for A/V systems. The voice coil is immersed in magnetic fluid, allowing high power handling capacity and simplified crossover design. The 27TFFNC/G H1396 is the closest regular production tweeter to this model. 


Dimensions are 5.67" W x 8.46" T x 5.67" D.  

The enclosure for the The Diego is designed for easy assembly, including a slot port. This will give you a tuning frequency of 84Hz. If you prefer a round port to the slot port, a 1" diameter x 2" long tube can be used instead for the same tuning. You can tune the enclosure down a little lower to 79Hz with a 1" diameter x 2.36" long tube.

Note regarding slotted port: The top wall of the slot is constructed with the same 14mm MDF as the rest of the cabinet. This piece will measure 116mm x 75mm. It is a good idea to round over (smooth) the inside edge of this piece to avoid port noises.

Physical Dimensions of Drivers


Round part 120mm
Truncated part 108mm
Cut out 96mm
Flange thickness 5mm
Screw hole circle 110mm
Screw hole diameter 5mm
Screw hole recess diameter 7.9mm
Depth from back of flange 68mm
Terminals both 2.8mm, blue one is positive
Use 6 pieces #8 screw


Round part 69.6mm
Truncated part 53.8mm
Cut out diameter 46mm
Flange thickness 4.1mm
Depth with terminals 20mm
Screw hole diameter 3.9mm
Screw hole recess diameter 7.3mm
Terminals 2.8mm, + embossed in back of flange for positive
Use 4 pieces #6 screw

*Individual Drivers Not Sold Separately*

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