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Price: $43.55
Product ID : ff85wk
Manufacturer: Fostex
Weight: 1.50 lbs
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Fostex FF85WK 3" Layered Paper Cone Full Range

The FF-WK series utilizes a double layer paper cone, consisting of a wood pulp fibre base and a KENAF paper surface layer. Which along with a dome shaped aluminium centre cap and pocket neck damper, ensures a fast, realistic high quality sound throughout the range.

Exclusively designed for use in bass reflex enclosures, the FF-WK series offers designers a chance to use a full range drive unit in a relatively small cabinet, without compromising on sound quality.

Available with cabinets as part of the Kanspea Kit

Double-layer cone / up-roll edge using a new material

A double-layer cone paper consists of two layers. One is a basic layer and the other is a surface layer. In the FF-WK series, a long-fibered (low freeness) wooden pulp is used for the basic layer, which has high rigidity realized by the large volume structure and appropriate internal loss. For the surface layer, the bincho charcoal powder is blended with a short-fibered (high freeness) kenaf, which allows to accelerate the propagation speed on the cone paper surface.

The up-roll edge shape realizes a long stroke. A polycarbonate series material which has opposite physicalities of high loss and high Young’s modulus is specially blended with urethane foam.

The color tone of FF-WK series cone paper is created by the bincho charcoal and no dye is used. Due to this fact, there is a case that the color tone slightly differs from each other.

Ridge-dome shape aluminum alloy center cap / Mechanical 2-way construction

A ridge-dome shape center cap made of aluminum alloy is employed. Dispersing and deadening a resonance occurred at a specific frequency with this cap helps to ease an unnecessary sound coloration at high  requency range. Also direct coupling with the voice coil bobbin expands the high frequency response.

3-point gluing / Pocket neck damper

3-point gluing which glues the cone paper, damper and the voice coil at one point is employed on the FF-WK series. Increasing the strength of the cone neck section realizes an improved high frequency  response. Employing the pocket shape at the damper neck section has realized the 3-point gluing even with the usage of junction cable.

Faston 205 gold coating connection terminal

In order to minimize the sound variation, the Faston 205 gold coating connection terminal is employed as a speaker terminal.

Picture of ridged dust cap (FF85WK)

Spec sheet: Fostex Full Range FF225WK, FF165WK, FF125WK, FF105WK, and FF85WK

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Jeffrey
04/23/2013 - 05:12:30 PM
Little hidden Gem
Well this little Gem I have had a few times and it is a killer driver for the money and the size of it cone. I could easy live with these little gems used with a lower end support with not problems. This driver has palyed music beyond my exceptions. Its a keeper for sure. Mr. Jeff
Reviewed by jefope4
05/24/2012 - 03:57:01 PM
One of fostex best drivers.
Hello. I had these little drivers for about 2 months and they really bloomed after a breakin time of 50 hours. My wife love the sound of these drivers and so did I. I would say they are very hard to beat for the price. The are a very detailed little driver. The new cone and new dust cap from fostex is a step above the rest at the price range. One of my top 3 inch fullrange drivers for sure.