Zaph|Audio ZA5.5 Tall Tower 2.5-Way, Pair

Zaph|Audio ZA5.5 Tall Tower 2.5-Way, Pair
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Price: $577.00


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Manufacturer: Zaph Audio
Product ID : za5.5
Weight: 30.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Zaph Audio
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ZA5.5tt 2.5-Way Tall Tower from the Zaph|Audio ZA5 Family
Price shown is for a PAIR 

This is the MMTMM tall tower offering from the ZA5 family of kits. Each speaker utilizes one tweeter and four woofers, in addition to two rear port tubes. You may also build this an MTMMM configuration whit this driver and crossover combination if you choose.

The Zaph Audio ZA5 Family is a collection of speaker kits using the ZA14W08 woofer and the Vifa DQ25SC16-04 tweeter. These drivers and subsequent kits represent fantastic performance at a very attractive price. Detailed information on the Zaph ZA14W08 woofer and ZA5 kits can be found on the Zaph Audio website.

There are several designs to choose from to meet your speaker building goals. Consider the ZA5 kits for anything from small monitors to floor standing towers, from stand mounted MTM stereo to a complete surround sound masterpiece. The variety of kits in the ZA5 family affords you the choices to specifically fit your project needs.

Madisound is offering these kits as a combination of the ZA14W08 woofers and DQ25SC16-04 tweeters along with the associated crossovers. These high quality crossovers come professionally assembled on a printed circuit board for easy installation and hookup. All crossover parts hold to the exact values of the crossover design. 

You may also choose to purchase your choice of optional accessories packages. These accessories packages are available at a discounted price, and will provide you with the miscellaneous speaker building parts that you need to complete your kit. Detailed parts list can be found below.

In response to customer feedback, binding posts/input cups are not included in the accessories package. However, you may also select your choice of binding posts or input cups at a discounted price. Both the accessories package and binding post/input cup options can be purchased along with this kit by selecting from the drop down menus at the top of this page.


  • (8) ZA14W08 Aluminum Cone Midbass Woofers
  • (2) DQ25SC16-04 Titanium Dome Tweeters
  • (2) Professionally Assembled Crossovers - for schematic click here.

Enclosure Information:

  • 1.40 cubic feet (40 liters)
  • 8" wide, 47.75" tall, and 12.5" deep
  • Rear ported with a 2x 2.75" diameter, 5.25" long port tube
  • Frequency response 52Hz – 20Khz
  • For MMTMM cabinet drawing click here.
  • For MTMMM cabinet drawing click here

Optional Accessories Package:

  • (24ft) Supra Classic 1.6 (15AWG) internal speaker wire
  • (4) 2.75" x 5.25" PT-306 port tubes
  • (3) 27” x 42” x 5/8” Foam Sheet for lining the internal walls
  • (1) GOOP adhesive to glue foam to walls
  • (2) QC110R for + tweeter tabs
  • (10) QC110B Quick Connects for – tweeter & - woofer tabs
  • (20) QC187R Quick Connects for + woofer, + crossover & + binding post tabs
  • (12) QC187B Quick Connects for – crossover & - binding post tabs
  • (40) #8x1 Black Ox & Wax Socket Head & Wood Screws for mounting drivers to baffle

Crossover Options (select from drop down menu above):

  • Upgrade Series Tweeter Capacitor
  • Crossovers Only - No Drivers

Kit pricing shown includes a discount on all drivers and accessories package. 

Need a single speaker or an odd number?

No problem, singles are simply 1/2 the price of the stereo pair.

Please leave us a note with your request in the "comments" section of your order.

We will ship your order with the total number of speakers that you request, and charge accordingly.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Seren2
09/28/2012 - 10:51:51 AM
'I began my Zaph|Audio journey with a front ported center channel, which now resides under my television. I was so impressed with the quality of the components and design of the enclosure that I moved on to construct a pair of front ported TM surrounds. Again, the surrounds had me convinced that Zaph kits are a superior product. The next step was to replace the two front speakers with such quality. In both cases, I purchased the "R-cups" and accessory kits since they include everything I needed for each enclosure except for the wood and wood glue. I constructed the boxes for the ZA5.5 as shown in the PDF in the MMTMM configuration. At 50" tall, these must weigh in at over 100lbs each. I used MDF, which seems to refer to different products depending on where you shop for lumber. The product I used is heavy, made of very small particles, smooth to the touch, and very dusty. This has proven to be very stable as long as moisture is kept away. I chose this product because I intended to paint the boxes, glues well, and it is very stable. Again, the "R-cups" and kits are recommended since they really do include everything you need for a successful construction. Now the good part, the results: These towers stand tall and look amazing. I have a black/silver television along with a black/silver Onkyo receiver. Paired with the black-painted center channel enclosure and silver woofers, the setup was looking like a well thought out system. Now, with the black-painted enclosure and silver woofers of the ZA5.5 towers, looking toward the screen is like eye candy overload. They sound better than any other speaker I have listened to, which would include a few Technics, Polk Audio, Pioneer, Sony, and Paradigm. Having the lower frequencies reproduced at the extreme top and bottom woofers, while the mids are handled by the center two woofers and highs sent to the tweeter gives each component a specific job. This result is very clear highs and an entire frequency range that meshes will with my powered subwoofer. I can play these so loud that it is best to leave the 18'x24' room, yet they reproduce Dolby TrueHD and Master Audio tracks with unbelievable clarity at a wide range of volume levels. To their credit, the room has been acoustically treated on a basic level with sound panels, but I am comparing the old speakers to the Zaph kits under these same conditions. Recommendations: Construct the center channel first and follow up with the ZA5.5 tower kit, and then make the surrounds. I made the center and surrounds first to experience the quality of the kits, but I am convinced that there is no better product for my money. I have spent ~20 years as an audiophile in both the car and home theater markets. I can't say enough to recommend the Zaph ZA products. Also, get the accessory kits along with the "R-cups" since they are round, easy to countersink with a plunge router, and look great. You will end up with a quality crossover, all the screws you need, the right amount of foam, and even Goop to affix the foam to the cabinet. Don't ponder any longer; get these kits to your door now!' Review by Joe Heckman. Posted by Madisound.