Morel UW1258 Ultimate 12" Subwoofer - Each

Morel UW1258 Ultimate 12" Subwoofer - Each
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Price: $522.00


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Manufacturer: Morel
Product ID : uw1258
Weight: 19.80 lbs
Manufacturer: Morel
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Morel UW1258 Ultimate Subwoofer

The same uncompromising dedication to innovation, craftsmanship and sound quality that have made Morel the choice of music aficionados the world over, now brings you the Ultimate Subwoofer series.

The Ultimate Subwoofer Technology
Morel has engineered the Ultimate subwoofer series to set new industry standards. The Ultimate series has gained worldwide recognition for its high-end, extraordinary combination of musicality and high power handling. More than just deep, loud bass common to most subwoofers, it produces a synergy of tight, clean musical and life-like bass reproduction qualities like no other, delivering the ultimate bass experience.

Consistent with Morels philosophy, the Ultimate Subwoofers are designed to deliver innovative engineering resulting in extraordinary combination of audiophile bass quality and high power output at a great consumer value. These drivers employ some impressive technological features such as a gigantic 5.1” Hexatech™ External Voice coil (EVC™) wound with a hexagonal-shaped aluminum coil wire (2-3 times thicker than standard subwoofers) for accurate music reproduction, superior durability and power handling. A highly efficient magnet system – DMM™ Double Magnet ferrite Motor maximizes the magnetic field (over 90% efficiency).

Spec sheet: Morel UW1258 Ultimate Subwoofer

  • 12" One piece Composite Cellular Fiber Cone
  • Uniflow aluminum diecast chassis
  • High flux double ferrite magnet system
  • 5.1" Hexatech Aluminum voice coil
  • Raised spider
  • Aluminum VC former
  • Aluminum VC wire, 5.1" diameter VC, 2 layer
  • 12.5mm Linear X-max (peak)

Recommended enclosure:

  • 4 cubic feet with a 4" diameter flared port by 17" long.  F3 is about 25Hz.
  • 2 cubic feet box sealed for and F3 of 40Hz.  If used with a plate amp that has a built in bass boost, it would probably go down to 30Hz in this box.
  • For autosound, use 1.5  to 2 cubic foot sealed for an F3 of 20Hz (assuming 6dB of cabin gain)

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    Reviewed by Seren2
    09/27/2012 - 05:21:41 PM
    'If you are looking for a clean sound this is the final stop. Madisound told me about this speaker. At first I was afraid that it might not be what I was looking for. After Madisound built me the crossover, and I put them together, the sound that was coming out of these speakers are as clean as I was hoping for and a lot more. I pulled this speakers with a mark levin ml 23 and the speakers were still saying give me more. We had to get a friends Mac with 400 watt and they were still standing.' Review by clem mogba. Posted by Madisound.