Peerless TC6FC00-04 2" Paper Cone Full Range 4 ohm

Peerless TC6FC00-04 2" Paper Cone Full Range 4 ohm
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Manufacturer: Peerless by Tymphany
Product ID : tc6fc00-04
Weight: 0.30 lbs
Manufacturer: Peerless by Tymphany
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Vifa TC6FC00-04 2" Paper Cone Full Range

  • Paper cone
  • Rubber surround
  • Stamped steel basket
  • Penta-Cut NRSC cone
  • Copper cap
  • Neodymium magnet

This TC family 2 inch 4 ohm full-range driver,with neodymium magnet, paper cone and rubber surround, and steel basket, is designed to be a cost-effective high performance full range driver. The cone utilizes Tymphany-patented PentaCut NRSC cone technology to help dampen and control cone resonances, optimizing the listening experience. The motor contains a copper cap to lower inductance and distortion. The product was designed with television and other compact applications in mind.

With a Qts of 0.8, this driver will be best suited in small sealed box designs.

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Reviewed by bought "Peerless TC6FC00-04 2" Paper Cone Full Range 4 ohm" on our website
03/17/2013 - 01:07:07 PM
Good for arrays
I used 8 of these to make a semicircular line array to use as a stage monitor for female vocalists. The singers stand on a lowered stage just below that main stage at our church. The line array is mounted behind the singers, a little above their heads, facing toward the audience.

It works well, rendering the female vocal range quite nicely, providing the singers clear articulation of what they are singing. Also, the fact that it has little bass output and is facing forward helps the overall tone balance in the house. Stage monitors tend to cause muddy bass in the house sound, because their bass leaks into the house but their treble does not. This mid-and-above forward-facing array counters that.