Markaudio Alpair-6M Gold 3.5" Fullrange Gen 2

Markaudio Alpair-6M Gold 3.5" Fullrange Gen 2
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Manufacturer: Markaudio
Product ID : alpair-6m-gold
Weight: 1.80 lbs
Manufacturer: Markaudio
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Markaudio Alpair-6M Gold 3.5" Fullrange with Overload Protection

The Alpair 6M is well suited to smaller audio applications, particularly desk-top and nearfield uses. The bass-rich warm tone of this driver can act a balance for those installations using compressed or highly processed source music, complements the use of traditional and modern solid state amplification.This new generation 2 model concentrates on refining the musicality of the Alpair 6 heritage.

  • New Multi-form cone design. The cone profile has been modified to improve vocal clarity in the lower/lower mid frequency ranges.
  • New advanced Nomex rear suspension
  • New ultra-light weight copper wound coil
  • New polymer mix for the frame making it 10% stiffer than the Gen. 1 model.
  • New connector sets allow for remote soldering of cables, installation is easy.
  • Built-in overload protection (arrestor in motor sub-assembly)

Alpair 6MA parameters


Running in procedure:

This driver is designed to deliver optimum results from 300 hours to 31,000 hours of normal service life on lower power amplification.

  2. First 30 hours, use very low volumes. Hours 30 to 100, gradually increase volume but remain gentle. 100 to 300 hours gradually into a variety of music including some bass.
  3. Remain gentle, sensible use of this driver will yield pleasing acoustic results.

Peak excursion

The Alpair 6P has a mechanical X Max (1 way) of 5.5 mm (in flux). This feature is only designed to handle non-linear “peak-shock” loads, for example the brief roll of a drum beat. For optimum movement, loads NOT exceeding 3.00 mm is within its capability for a period not exceeding 1.5 hours. The normal driven movement should remain inside 2.6 mm. For a driver of this size, this normal load X-max is generous; Together with a well matched cabinet, a pleasing bass response can be generated

General care

Keep the driver away from direct sun-light as the UV will breakdown to cone structure. Very high humidity could affect the stability of the cone. Donʼt use any wet cloths or very damp materials to clean the cone. A light gentle brush with a soft duster is sufficient.

Alpair-6P and Alpair-6M Exploded View

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Reviewed by AlexTF1
AlexTF1 bought "Markaudio Alpair-6M Gold 3.5" Fullrange Gen 2" on our website
07/09/2015 - 02:52:42 PM
Awesome little driver
This is definitely a high quality speaker: very well built, with excellent appearance and sound.
The sound quality is better than I expected for a speaker of this size. The sound is clean, accepts a reasonable amount of bass before distortion become objectionable, and the vocals sound great in them. With less coloration than various small-multi-drivers competing models!
In the tweeters arena (HF) it did very well and there is a good amount of tweeters who loses to it in neutrality. The HF dispersion is good for a 3.5" driver.