Fostex FE126En 4.5" Full Range
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Manufacturer: Fostex
Product ID : fe126en
Weight: 2.20 lbs
Manufacturer: Fostex
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Fostex FE126En 4.5" Full Range

The FE126EN is based on the Fostex FE126E. It is a bit smoother & has a little bit more efficiency than its predecessor. This version has an adapted ES cone and center cap. The new diaphragm material uses a fine, supple, high density fiber which successfully improves the mid-high reproduction. Has well tuned Qts/Mms values for ease of use in small bass reflex type enclosures or folded horn enclosures. ES Banana Pulp Cone uses Banana fiber pulp that provides a fine, supple and dense cone material for improved mid-high frequency response. Treated cloth surround (new version, thus the new "n" in the name).  The low Qts makes this driver useful in back loaded horn enclosures.

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Reviewed by yavuzbora
yavuzbora bought "Fostex FE126En 4.5" Full Range" on our website
09/22/2014 - 03:39:04 AM
About Madisound
I've used their products before fostex more about this product do not need to comment. But Madisound company is really a company worth comment. Fast, relevant, well-packaged products, and most importantly extremely reliable. Thanks Madisound ....
Reviewed by Jeffrey
04/23/2013 - 04:36:13 PM
A Very Versatile Fullrange Driver
Well this Fostex driver I have had a few times now. I like the versatile on these fullrange drivers because I can use them with all kinds of box types and they do really well. They are very well made for the money and is a great starter driver for a newbie just getting into this hobby. I give this driver thumbs up. Thanks Madisound for carrying Fostex drivers. Mr. Jeff
Reviewed by jefope4
05/24/2012 - 04:01:02 PM
Hard to beat for the price.
Hello. I have these drivers in my main sytem and they are a killer to beat all the way around. They have it all. I got good bass and midbase and and good highs as well. I am thankful madisound carrys good products. I know this one is one of the best values you can get in a fullrange driver. I am very happy with this driver and I will be ordering more for a another project. Its the perfect size and sound for me. jm