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Manufacturer: Fostex
Product ID : fx120
Weight: 3.52 lbs
Manufacturer: Fostex
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Fostex FX120 5" Full Range
The Fostex FX120 is a 125 mm (5") cone type full-range speaker driver. Consistent with most of the higher-end Fostex drivers, the FX120 is well built, performs well and sounds excellent. Unlike the lower cost Fostex drivers which use a stamped frame, the FX120 is constructed on a fancy cast frame. The cone is constructed out of KENAF paper which is a fiber composite and is suspended with a rubber surround. The dust cap is metallic. The magnet is large, weighing 330 grams. Of the Fostex fullrange line speakers, the FX120 has the greatest X-max at 2 mm. The FX120 can be used in a wide variety of enclosures, but is best suited to bass reflex, Transmission Line and Quarter Wavelength enclosures. 

  • KENAF paper/ fiber composite cone
  • 89db sensitivity
  • Frequency response from 70 Hz to 20kHz
  • Flange 137 x 123mm HEXAGONAL
  • Cut-out 103 mm
  • Depth 54.5 mm
  • Znom 8 ohm
  • Re 7.3 ohm
  • Le@1kHz - mH
  • fs 70 Hz
  • Qms 8.4
  • Qes 0.47
  • Qts 0.45
  • Mms 5.3 g
  • Vas 8.21 ltrs
  • Xmax 2.0 mm peak
  • VC Ø - mm
  • Sensitivity 1W / 1m 89 dB
  • Nom. Power 30 W
  • Net weight 1.32 kg

Spec sheet: Fostex FX120 Full Range

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Reviewed by jefope4
05/24/2012 - 04:09:25 PM
Heard these at a hi-fi show.
Hello. I heard these at the A.K. Fest in 2008 or 2009? They were in the madisound room. They were in a small front ported box and they souned natural from the bottom to the top. I didn't hear any bightness or problems with the sound of these drivers. I would say if your looking for a 5 inch fullrange driver from fostex I would go with these great sounding speakers.This is the first time I meet larry the owner and he is just a really down to earth kinda guy and he is very caring. Larry is a guy who will only sell you what will make good music. Jm