Morel TiW 638Nd Titanium 6" Woofer, Neo/Ferrite Magnet, 8 ohm

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Manufacturer: Morel
Product ID : TIW-638-ND
Weight: 2.60 lbs
Manufacturer: Morel
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Morel TiW 638Nd Titanium 6" Woofer, Neo/Ferrite Magnet, 8 ohm

Spec sheet: Morel TiW 638Nd Titanium Woofer 8 ohm

The Titanium Series

The Titanium series consists of six types of 6” drivers aimed to be used in both bass reflex (ported) and sealed enclosures. The six types differ by impedance (4 Ohm or 8 Ohm), Magnetic System Type (Hybrid Neodymium/Ferrite or Double Magnet Ferrite) and the inclusion or exclusion of a copper shorting ring HYBRID motor.


  • Enhanced linearity
  • Low induction coefficient for superior transient response
  • Greater dynamic range
  • High power handling
  • Highly transparent sound
  • Engineered for ported and sealed enclosures
  • Features EVCTM (external External Voice Coil technology)
  • Extremely efficient magnetic motors that minimize stray magnetic flux
  • Shallow, one-piece cone geometry for improved dispersion
  • Sturdy Uniflow aluminum die-cast chassis

Technology Insight

Manufacturer of drivers may select from two types of materials for the production of voice coil bobbin. The first group of materials is thermo-plastic materials and the second of which is metallic materials. The choice of bobbin material depends on the intended structure and application of the driver. The bobbin material has influence on the acoustical parameters of the driver, its power handling and the reproduced sound quality. By using Titanium bobbing in this driver series Morel intended to raise the Mechanical Factor (QMS) in order to enable a wider selection of enclosure types and sizes. In reference to sound quality one is able to discern a distinctively “crispier” sound when comparing to equivalent driver with Aluminum bobbin.

Morel has spent over a year in research and development to understand and apply the benefits of using a titanium coil bobbin (former) as opposed to the aluminum bobbin. The employment of titanium bobbin enabled Morel’s R&D team to alter and immensely improve the electro-acoustic parameters of the drive unit due to the low coefficient induction. The rigid characteristic of titanium, along with its other advantages, produced a driver that is tonally balanced and accurate, with exceptionally fast transient response.

To achieve such a remarkable result, Morel’s engineers had to overcome the titanium’s natural “memory” charaterstic which attempts to preserve its previous form. The new drivers were already been field-tested to ensure that whatever was achieved in a lab will meet the stringent quality standards of our clients.

The Drive to Develop the Titanium Series

As a company on the forefront of driver engineering and manufacturing, Morel continuously researches new technologies and materials. The call of OEM and audiophiles alike for an expanded product line and diverse driver solutions for various applications was the trigger for producing the new Titanium series. The “space-age” material Titanium has been known to loudspeaker manufacturers for quite some time, but has seen limited applications in speaker designs. Morel searched for other applications of titanium because of its superior strength and lightweight and found it to feature great mechanical stability and low induction coefficient. This lends the material to be utilized as a voice coil bobbin (former) material. The resulting driver series exhibits exceptional performance and distinctive sound reproduction qualities.

Comparison of all Morel Titanium Woofers

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