Audax 17LB25ALBC 6.5" Paper Cone Full Range

Price: $123.00


Manufacturer: Audax
Product ID : 17LB25ALBC
Weight: 6.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Audax
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Audax 17LB25ALBC 6.5" Paper Cone Full Range
A true fullrange manufactured in France in a traditional way. Hybrid neodymium and ferrite magnet system produce a powerful magnetic field and control. The membrane is treated six times to get a good linearity with no distortion. The specially treated paper cone makes for precise and defined sonic reproduction. "Anti-swirling" significantly improves the directivity and reduces compression.
  • Non-resonant solid diecast chassis
  • Paper-Cone Coated
  • Phase Plug
  • Textile surround - Accordion-Style
  • NOMEX-Voice-Coil former - non conductive!
  • Edgewound flat copper wire - CCAW
  • Ventilated chassis under spider
  • Gold plated terminals
Suggested Box Alignments:
Sealed 0.2cf for f3 of 160 and f6 of 115
Vented 0.3cf with 2" x 4.25" for f3 of 100Hz
Vented 0.45cf with 2" x 3" for f3 of 90Hz

Manufacturer Datasheet PDF

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by JSiz
03/25/2019 - 03:39:33 PM
Really enjoying these Audax 6.5s
I was searching for a more esoteric option for closed box full-range high sensitivity drivers to couple with my 8w PASS amp (powered sub to cover the lows). I've had the Foxtex in BLH configuration and do enjoy them, but these Audaxes are really terrific! About half-way through the burn in and they're spectacularly accurate. Haven't "cranked" them way up yet but very satisfied. And quick delivery by Madisound, like usual!
Reviewed by Williammj
Williammj bought "Audax 17LB25ALBC 6.5" Paper Cone Full Range" on our website
11/28/2018 - 08:34:48 PM
Audax 17LB25ALBC 6.5" Full Range
I ordered these and they just came in today. I installed them in my speaker cabinets and must say, I am totally blown away. These drivers are amazing. My cabinets are a pair of old Panasonic book shelf speakers that my dad brought home from Vietnam in the mid 60's. After all these years, they are scuffed, scratched and worn, but rather than throw them away, I decided to keep them for their sentimental value and upgrade the drivers and try and make them useful once again. I would never have imagined you could get this kind of sound from these. The Audax drivers are crisp, clear and smooth all across the sound spectrum. You can hear every note and they are wonderfully easy to listen to. It's like having the performer in my office. I can't say enough good about them and could not be happier as I sit here listing to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Just amazing! I highly recommend these drivers and Madisound did a very nice job getting these to me very quickly.