Fostex FE168EZ 6.5" Full Range Sigma Series

Price: $207.70


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Manufacturer: Fostex
Product ID : fe168ez
Weight: 6.82 lbs
Manufacturer: Fostex
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Fostex FE168EZ 6.5" Full Range Sigma Series

Fostex FE168EZ 6.5" Full Range Sigma Series. Features include a unique Hyperbolic Paraboloid shell diaphragm, UDR tangential edge damping and ES cone manufactured from banana plant fiber. This all helps to produce a smooth and detailed sound.

Back Loaded Horn Enclosure Plans: FE168E Sigma Recommended Back Loaded Horn

Spec sheet: Fostex FE168EZ Full Range

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
08/19/2017 - 10:44:49 AM
Hidden Horn.
Built a set of folded horns for these, and they were immediately rejected by my wife for that stereo system.

Rethought the horn idea and cut some sheet rock off of our back wall in the family room, two standard stud widths, 8 feet apart.. Made a box for the driver out of 3/4 MDF 7' above the floor and built the horn down to the floor using layers of 1/4" plywood so I could flare the horn properly for the 12"x14.5" horn opening, which has a grill on it.

They sound excellent, but would be better if the wall had 2x6 studs instead of 2x4's. They sound better with 1" 1/4 round cove moulding to get rid of the corners.

Drywall is not coming back off.

5 Stars for the folded horn configuration.
Reviewed by Seren2
09/26/2012 - 04:52:58 PM
'Performs very well in a BIB horn, but needs filter correction consisting of two series-notch filters at 2.5 and 7kHz. Without, it sounds harsh (try playing Shakira...) and high-range sounds like a really cheap tweeter. Tried first a baffle-step correction, but this doesn't really solve the problems. With notch filters, sound staging is improved, is sounds balanced and crisp, detailed and dynamic with deep bass. This is in a BIB, but should apply to other forms of rear-loaded horns. Filter component values: Notch2.5kHz: 0.6mH+20R+6.8uF all in parallel. Notch7kHz: 0.25mH+20R+2.2uF. The two notches are then both placed in series with the speaker. Use low-tolerance components (coils and caps)! Does not need a front super tweeter in my opinion, as this can create problems with lobing. Off-axis response is very good for a 6.5inch full range.' Review by Kent Jensen. Posted by Madisound.