Fostex FE206En 8" Full Range
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Price: $117.65


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Manufacturer: Fostex
Product ID : fe206en
Weight: 8.50 lbs
Manufacturer: Fostex
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Fostex FE206En 8" Full Range

ES Banana Pulp Cone with whizzer cone.  Banana fiber pulp provides a fine, supple and dense cone material which improves mid-high frequency response.  Treated cloth surround (new version, thus the new "n" in the name). Copper clad pole piece for improved induction symmetry and less modulation distortion. The low Qts makes this driver useful in back loaded horn enclosure.  See pdf for back loaded horn design.

Double Bass-Reflex Enclosure
The double bass-reflex (DBR) speaker system is a variation of the standard bass-reflex (BR) enclosure that is intended to achieve further extension of the bass response. The augmentation to the bass output is achieved by the use an additional chamber in the bass-reflex process. Other advantages of the double bass-reflex speaker compared to a conventional bass-reflex system are a reduction of the cone excursion around F3 and a corresponding reduction distortion. The use of an additional chamber in the speaker enclosure also reduces the likelihood of resonances. The interior chambers of the double bass-reflex speaker box is typically lined with a thick damping material and/or stuffed with loose synthetic or wool fill. The fill material is used to dampen the rear wave from the driver and minimize standing waves and reflections within the speaker enclosure.

This cabinet plan is available in the pdf file.

Spec sheet: Fostex FE206En Full Range

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Reviewed by kissabout2002
kissabout2002 bought "Fostex FE206En 8" Full Range" on our website
09/06/2018 - 09:50:39 AM
Impressive driver !!!!
I am been really really surprise with this driver, is the first time I use a full range driver and the result is unbelievable even considering the price of this driver, the details are so real, also this driver is able to work with very low volume, still you can appreciate low bass but also medium and high frequencies.
I also built by myself the suggested back loaded horn enclosure, Fostex suggest to use a 21mm plywood, but I used a 24mm Russian birch plywood, the result is stunning, the enclosure became much stronger and bass
freq are much louder and smooth. With high volume this driver come alive especially with my 30+30 watts push-pull tube amplifier, I can even ear music details unheard before, I am really happy with it and if you are looking to experience a full range driver well this is the one.
Also a special mention to Madisound speaker store, this people are amazing and they do not just doing business but they put their heart and soul on it, one of the speaker come damaged for the fault of the carrier, I just report the problem and they sent a new driver without making a little single problem, very impressive and thanks again to Madisound.
Reviewed by Jeffrey
04/23/2013 - 04:54:41 PM
One of the best 8 inch fullrange driver out there.
Well I would have to say this was my first fullrange driver I bought over 10 years ago. I used them in a open baffle which I don't recommend. I would put them in the right horn box by fostex. Again killer fullrange driver and I will be buying a pair when I get some time to build the right box. Mr.Jeff
Reviewed by jefope4
05/24/2012 - 03:40:43 PM
Really fast and detailed driver.
Hello. I had brought apair of the these drivers awhile ago. I must say they are fast and very quick and very detailed. I had alot of fun with these in open baffles. They do seem to have a little bit of brightness but, that is due to the sound of a natural fullrange driver without crossovers. I do this this speaker 2 thumbs up due to the real liveness of the human voices. This speaker is the real deal. jm