Silver Flute W20RC38-04 8" Woofer Wool Cone 4 ohm

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Manufacturer: Silver Flute
Product ID : w20rc38-04
Weight: 6.33 lbs
Manufacturer: Silver Flute
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Silver Flute W20RC38-04 8" Woofer Wool Cone 4 ohm

  • Wool Cone
  • Cast Frame
  • 38mm VC Ø on aluminum former
  • Vented Pole Piece
  • Rubber Surround
  • Includes black phillips head wood screws for mounting
  • Use QC205R & QC205B quick connects

The Silver Flute line offers exceptional value, build quality, and versatility.  

The woofer cones and dust caps are made from a special mixture of wool and paper fibers. These wool fibers help reduce cone resonance, and give the woofers a slightly warmer sound than traditional paper cones. 

The woofers have durable rubber surrounds and robust cast metal frames. The large voice coils are vented through the back plate. 

These Silver Flute woofers are available in 4 and 8 ohm. 

Consider this product for home stereo, surround sound, autosound systems, and commercial line arrays. 

Please look at the mechanical specifications carefully as terms like 5", 6.5", and 8" are generalizations.

Mechanical Specifications:

Frame diameter 203mm (8")
Cut out diameter 183mm (7.2")
Bolt hole circle 195mm (7.67")
Screw holes 4.2mm (0.17")
Flange thickness 5mm (0.20")
Depth (from back of flange) 86mm (3.39")

Suggested Box Alignments:

0.3 cubic foot sealed box for an f3 of 105Hz
0.45 cubic foot with 2" diameter vent by 6.5" long for an f3 of 70Hz
0.8 cubic foot with 3" diameter vent by 7" long for an f3 of 50Hz


Re 3.7 Ohms
Sensitivity 93.7 dB
Power 100 watts
Fs 31.0 Hz
Qms 1.51
Qes 0.27
Qts 0.23
Vas 72.3 Ltrs
Mms 23.7 g
Cms 1111.3 mM/N
Sd 0.0214 M2
BL 7.9 TM
X-max 5 mm
Le @ 1kHz 0.52 mH

Krm 1.324 mW
Kxm 17.644 mH
Erm 0.819
Exm 0.596

Frequency & Impedance Response:

W20RC38-04 frequency response.  Useful from fs to 5KHz.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by AlexTF1
AlexTF1 bought "Silver Flute W20RC38-04 8" Woofer Wool Cone 4 ohm" on our website
03/01/2016 - 08:10:16 AM
Very good value
Considering the actual price, this piece offers a pleasant result, but one not consider this a low bass woofer. They shine more in high bass-midbass-midrange area. And can be used without crossover in no-over-the-top systems.
Sounds better than price suggests.

Is worth on a budget systems.
Reviewed by craiggus365
craiggus365 bought "Silver Flute W20RC38-04 8" Woofer Wool Cone 4 ohm" on our website
06/23/2014 - 10:44:39 PM
Outstanding Value!
I am using these in my front doors in a 2-way setup. I built custom fiberglass enclosures, and I am in love.
The enclosures are just about .75 cubic feet and ported with 2" PVC.
I am never going back to weak mid-bass, ever!
Reviewed by bought "Silver Flute W20RC38-04 8" Woofer Wool Cone 4 ohm" on our website
11/22/2012 - 05:59:07 PM
Good value driver
Used these in a project to build a pair of loudspeakers using fairly inexpensive drivers and see what could be done with cabinet and crossover deign. The result was failry pleasing. The units aren't great below 60Hz (see response curve @ and there's a bit of a hole at about 180Hz though this is probably a cabinet design problem since the hole wasn't there when I tested the driver resposne in free air. I've been listening to the speakers using this driver them for over a year and am not unhappy.