ScanSpeak Revelator 23W/4557T-02, 9" Aluminum Cone Subwoofer, Black Cone

ScanSpeak Revelator  23W/4557T-02, 9" Aluminum Cone Subwoofer, Black Cone
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Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
Product ID : 23w_4557t-02
Weight: 14.30 lbs
Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
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ScanSpeak 23W/4557T-02 Revelator, 9" Aluminum Cone Subwoofer, Black Cone

The Scan-speak 23W/4557T is a high end subwoofer featuring a very rigid aluminum cone, low loss rubber surround and cast frame. The 23W/4557T uses the SD-1 motor system. There are gold plated binding posts and the woofer magnet is covered by a decorative rubber cap.

Madisound recommends: One cubic foot sealed has an F3 of 33Hz. 

  • Outside diameter: 255mm
  • Cut out: 225mm
  • Depth: 135mm
  • 25.4mm = 1" = 2.54cm


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Reviewed by FOXYRJD
FOXYRJD bought "ScanSpeak Revelator 23W/4557T-02, 9" Aluminum Cone Subwoofer, Black Cone" on our website
02/02/2015 - 01:33:14 PM
Two 1.0 cuft Subwoofers
I made two 1.0ft3 subwoofers using this 9" 23W/4557T-02 driver. The knockdown boxes are from Parts Express. I used 1/4" acrylic woodgrain top, back, and bottom from Evonik. I ordered some naked textured leather for the sides and baffle.

The inside is 20% of Madisound dampening wool over 1 layer of their foam, wired with Madisound Supra OFC wire. Nickel plated brass spikes on bottom, nickel plated brass binding posts in rear using a Parts Express black aluminum binding post. McMaster Carr sells various lightweight compressible foam gasket in rolls for driver opening and sealing the baffle, or you can permanently seal with wood glue.

I use a Bryston 4B-ST amp with active variable crossover to power this driver, and the Bryston starts to clip (at very high volumes), but the speaker will handle much more. I would guess bridging a Bryston 4BST to mono for 800 watts, you would realize the full potential of this driver. Into 4 ohms the Bryston is rated at around 500 watts stereo. This driver is probably indestructible unless you are purposely abusing it, and the performance is exactly what you would expect.

I highly recommend making your own subwoofer. It takes time, but the quality and personality you can impart to your own work is much more rewarding than spending $3k on a hyperinflated, mass made product.

I'd upload a few photos but see no option. Best regards to Madisound staff and customers.