Aurasound AST-2B-4 Pro Bass Shaker each

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Manufacturer: Aurasound
Product ID : ast-2b-4
Weight: 3.51 lbs
Manufacturer: Aurasound
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Aurasound Pro Bass Shaker - AST-2B-4 - Each
Feel the bass!

  • 50Watt RMS Continous
  • 75Watt RMS Max
  • 4 ohm
  • Fs 40Hz
  • 30 LBF peak force
  • Weight: 3.3lb

Diameter from outside of cooling fins is 156mm (6.14")
Total height 63mm (2.48")
Bolt hole circle diameter is 143.5mm (5.65")
Bolt hole diameter is 4.3mm (0.17") Use a #8 size screw. Link to our screws.
Vibrating surface diameter 130mm (5.1")

Want to feel your music? The Bass Shaker products allow you to experience every thump, thrust and shake...the way bass sound was originally intended. Aura's patented technology preserves the sound pressure levels so there's no distortion while enhancing the bass energy delivered from your stereo. We're taking surround sound to another level.....

To add bass shakers to your home theater system, they need to be powered by an amplifier and receive the same signal as your powered subwoofer. Bass shakers should be rigidly mounted to the bottom of your seat, whether it your car seat or your sofa.

You can use multiple Bass Shakers on the same amplifier channel.  They are 4 ohm, so you could wire two of them in series for 8 ohm.  You could wire 4 of them series and parallel to get back to a 4 ohm load.  Do a Google search on series and parallel speaker wiring to see more information on wiring multiple speakers together.  You need to be sure your amplifier can handle the load you have chosen for your multiple Bass Shaker wiring.  Most amplfiers won't like to see a load below 4 ohm.

Here's how you add bass shakers to your home theater system: 

1) Find the variable low-level RCA output for the subwoofer (LFE) channel on the rear panel of your AV receiver and disconnect the cable going to your powered subwoofer.

2) Connect a RCA Y-cable to the subwoofer output on your receiver.

3) Connect the cable from your subwoofer to one end of the Y-cable.

4) Connect a cable to the remaining unused end of the Y-cable to an input on the amplifier being used to power the shakers.

5) Connect the shakers to the output of the amplifer.

6) Set the relative level of the shakers by adjusting the volume control on the amplifier driving them.

Do a Google image search on AST-2B-4 to see how other's are using the Bass Shakers.  They are very popular for movies, gaming and autosound.  Many entertainment venues use them to enhance the immersive experience.  

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