Seas Excel T29B001 Beryllium Dome Tweeter (E0058)

Price: $546.25


Manufacturer: Seas Excel
Product ID : T29B001
Weight: 1.50 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Excel
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*1pc in stock May 2019. Special order if you require a pair - lead time is about 60 days*

Seas T29B001 Beryllium Dome Tweeter (E0058-06)

Sold as each tweeter, but packaged in pairs.

Download T29B001 specification sheet.

The SEAS T29B001 is an ultra high performance 29mm dome tweeter, featuring high sensitivity and a smooth, extended frequency response.

The dome is made from high purity Beryllium and manufactured to SEAS specifications by Truextent® in the USA. Being extremely stiff and lightweight, this precision dome ensures excellent performance and consistency.

The newly designed magnet system employs a high efficiency Neodymium ring magnet, combined with shorting rings, to reduce non-linear and modulation distortion. A well-damped vented pole and a rigid rear chamber ensure a low resonance frequency and smooth response.

The 1.5 mm voice coil uses flexible lead-out wires and venting holes in the aluminium coil former, reducing noise to a minimum.

A 7 mm thick precision die-cast aluminum front plate with moderate horn loading ensures linear frequency response and represents an extremely stable platform for the magnet system and the moving parts.

The T29B001 comes boxed as a matched pair.  (The price is for one speaker, not a pair of speakers.)

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Reviewed by Jllathem
Jllathem bought "Seas Excel T29B001 Beryllium Dome Tweeter (E0058)" on our website
07/07/2018 - 10:43:59 AM
Interesting indeed
I suppose I will have to be the first to review this tweeter, after all I did buy a pair. I'm using these in an Mtm configuration with 7 inch nextel drivers. Ive been playing around with crossover frequency ranging anywhere from 2.2 KH all the way up to 3.00 KH (contrary to driver spacing and popular opinion) for curiosity and experimentation to settle on what images best. This is not a cheap product and what comes along with its price and dome material offers somewhat of a mystique. Its an interesting sounding tweeter. At times a listener might describe it as being dry, but then it will fool you and trickle away with an intricate extension into higher frequencies. I cannot seem to make up my mind whether it be using resistor jumpers on a crossover board or be it electronically on attenuating the tweeter +2 DB or keeping it flat because the high extension of the tweeter is very entertaining and fun to emphasize on certain material. In conclusion this is a quality product which coming from Seas is no surprise. To other enthusiasts it is of itself a conversation piece. Once they realize what driver you are using curiosity sets in, followed by silence with a bit of a listen, and a good bit of intrigue. Rest assured you will be entertained.