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Speaker Kits: Our Design or Yours?

Madisound offers a wide selection of do-it-yourself speaker kits for nearly all high-fidelity applications. These are typically superior in quality than comparable consumer audio products, at a fraction of the price. 

  • We provide the drivers and assembled crossovers for a majority of published DIY speaker designs available online. 
  • If you have found a design you like, please forward us the plans, and we will quote out the project for you. 
  • If you have a custom driver combination you would like to try; we offer our LEAP crossover design service
  • We have done thousands of projects and crossover designs over the years that are not sold as kits or publicly available. 

Check with us by phone or email, as we maintain a file of archived designs for which we can provide drivers and assembled crossovers. These xover designs span decades and even include many using drivers no longer available.

Madisound Speaker Kits

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