Fostex CS2.2 Copper/Tin Foil Capacitor

Fostex CS2.2 Copper/Tin Foil Capacitor
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Price: $66.80


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Manufacturer: Fostex
Product ID : cs2.2
Weight: 0.18 lbs
Manufacturer: Fostex
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Fostex 2.2mfd Copper/Tin Foil Capacitor

The Fostex CS capacitors are made from separate layers of Copper Foil, Tin Foil and PPTA Film (poly p-phenylene terepthalamide). The CS caps have solid copper leads. These caps are very densely wrapped, more than twice the weight of similar value capacitors. Non-inductive. 120VAC / 240VDC


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Reviewed by DD016
01/17/2018 - 01:32:07 AM
Received these promptly from Madisound and I installed the two caps in a Schiit Saga Preamplifier this afternoon replacing a pair of Mundorf Supremes. The Mundorf Supremes (originals, not the newer EVO) were exceptionally well matched by Madisound for a small fee and are a great value upgrade to the Saga over the Wima MKP10 caps. While the Mundorfs offer more air, clarity and texture with the low frequencies over the already glorious performance of the Saga, these Fostex CS Copper/Ton Foils are at a completely different level.

The Fostex leads are significantly larger than the leads on the Mundorf Supremes and will require modification. These Fostex foil caps are quite stunning and smash the Mundorfs, revealing more clarity and present a somewhat forward sound that is slightly damped. Though, this forwardness highlights improved transparency and a pleasant smoothness without hindering extension. Low frequency response comes through with greater weight and texture only solidifying how the Mundorf Supremes were nicely neutral but lacked the effortless dynamics and naturalness provided by the Fostex CS.

These have easily exceeded my expectations for a cap upgrade.