HDS Home Theater Kit Single- parts only

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Manufacturer: Peerless by Tymphany
Product ID : hds_kit
Weight: 8.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Peerless by Tymphany
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HDS Home Theater Kit -Single

Peerless - without equal. An apt name for a company with an enviable track record of developing speaker technology & products catering to audiophile manufacturers. This kit includes 2x Peerless 830870 Mid-Basses, 1x XT25TG30-04 Tweeter, and 1x Assembled HDS Crossover. Price includes 10% discount!

The 830870 features a truncated cast aluminum frame; PPB polypropylene cone with half-roll rubber surround;Long-throw voice coil; Shorting rings for reduced distortion; and Under-spider and voice coil ventilation! The XT25 has outstanding performance in 2-way systems; Dual ring radiator diaphragm (patented); Waveguide center plug (patented); Copper-clad aluminum VC wire; Flat response well beyond 20 kHz; and Low distortion!

The HDS is a compact MTM design using 4” Peerless drivers and the 1” Vifa Ring Radiator, designed for desktop use or for smaller home theater setups. The response is clean and accurate and bass response is ideal for mating with a subwoofer.

The HDS kit is designed as an all-purpose loudspeaker suitable for two-channel stereo or for home theater systems; front, center channel, or surround applications. This MTM design utilizes two Peerless HDS 4" polypropylene woofers for clear midrange and well-resolved bass and the well-regarded XT25TG30-04 tweeter. Integrated phase plug on the XT25 tweeter allows for greater detail without distortion.


Frequency response: 55 Hz -20 kHz +/- 3 dB vented or 100 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 3 dB sealed.
Impedance: 4 ohms.
SPL: ~90 dB over the midband.
Crossover point ~ 2.5 kHz.


(2) Peerless 830870 Mid-bass

  • Polypropylene cone
  • Rubber surround
  • Cast Frame - truncated
  • Ventilated raised spider
  • Shorting rings

(1) Vifa XT25TG30-04 Tweeter

  • 1" Ring Radiator Tweeter: 25mm Dual concentric diaphragm
  • Non-reflective dual chamber
  • Controlled directivity
  • Wave-guide center plug
  • Copper-clad aluwire VC and braided leads

HDS Crossover Schematic

Each kit includes two woofers, one tweeter, and one crossover - professionally assembled with our Sidewinder brand 16awg inductor on the woofers circuit and Solen CP Fastcap capacitor on the tweeter. If you wish to scale up these parts please contact josh@madisound.com

We are adding a Mundorf resistor at 2.2 ohms on the tweeter. This can be adjusted to taste, please let us know if you want a different value.

Please see the PDF datasheet for crossover schematic and frequency graphs: Crossover Schematic and Graphs

The circuit board we use is our 64B, 5.5" x 3.75". Keep in mind this is too large to fit through the small woofer cutout hole, so you should plan to build the cabinets accordingly.


Cabinet not included. The enclosure pictured is from Lee Taylor.

HDS Closed Box Graphs

The HDS kit is ideal in a small sealed cabinet of about 8 liters (~0.28 cf). F3 of ~ 100Hz. This allows a smooth rolloff and easy blending with your subwoofer low-pass.

Using 3/4" material, external dimensions of 8" width x 14" height x 6.5" depth would give you just enough room to accommodate the two mid-basses on the 105mm truncated side and the tweeter, but just barely. You can make it physically larger and subdivide it as well to tune the mid-basses if you wanted.

Sealed Box Version:

Vented Box Version:
Vented version is 12 liters with 2" flared port.

Customer Comments

"I completed five speaker cabinets for the HDS kits that we ordered. I took the completed pair over to my HiFI guru friend and hooked then up to a wall full of high-end equipment. We were both amazed with the detailed sound, lifelike midrange and bright, authentic sound; furthermore the overall balance and imaging was fantastic."

"I wanted to compliment the folks at Madisound for the HDS kits. I’ve built ten so far, and had a chance to try them in different locations. They really sound wonderful everywhere I tried them; they are extremely natural sounding."

"As soon as I finished the first one and tested it with a signal generator, it was very obvious how even the response is, especially through the middle i.e. woofers crossing over into the tweeter."

Want custom cabinets built?

Many of our cabinets can be custom built by Lee Taylor & Co. of Philmont NY. Please follow the link below to Lee's website and discuss veneer options and pricing. Lee can also put your speakers together for an additional fee.
For over twenty years Lee has been building speaker enclosures for speaker companies, kit builders, experimenters and designers. Using veneer presses for veneering, never paper backed or contact cement. His finishing facilities and extensive shop capabilities create the very finest quality work. Each detail, from cutting in drivers, bracing, veneering to joinery: “drop dead gorgeous” (Stereophile). Customers frequent responses are: “your work is amazing!," and"I’m shocked, astonished and delighted.”

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by byroninincline@yahoo.com
byroninincline@yahoo.com bought "HDS Home Theater Kit Single- parts only" on our website
09/02/2016 - 11:52:40 AM
exceptional detail & clarity
I opted for the vented version. I'm using them in a bedroom without a subwoofer. Powering them with a chip amp using paralleled LM3886's. Signal is from a really good DAC. I agree with other reviewers in that the sense of space/imaging I get from these - I think - is better than anything I have ever heard. When listening to NPR I get a sense of the recording booth the're in.
Reviewed by robfehrmann
03/12/2014 - 02:07:28 AM
Bought these speakers for a center speaker for my AV system. I wanted something different, but the sales staff directed me to these because of the size constraints, and the need for low end base. I made these as slim as I could - 4 3/4". using 3/8 oak as top and bottom, and cocobola wood as front and sides. 7" deep , 22 inches wide. 6.8 liters interior, with stuffing 7.5 liters ( I know it should be 8 liters). It fits between the TV's speakers and wall. I'm happy, happy, happy.... I have no measuring devices, but I know what I had and what I have now-----no comparison. I have a middle of the road high end system, this speaker makes a big improvement over the bose speaker I was using for a center speaker. It may not be the best on the market, but it works it is slim and sounds really really good. I am debating on making two more for the rear channels because they are so small and sound so good, but maybe just out of oak this time.

A word of caution, test the crossover wiring before you complete and glue the box, it's a pain in the a_s to figure this out later and don't use polyurathane on cocobolo wood.

Reviewed by Seren2
09/27/2012 - 02:48:22 PM
'I ordered 5 speaker HDS kits from Madisound, six of the woofers are on back-order, so hope to get those soon. However, I was able to finish up one pair. I took the finished pair over to my HiFi guru friend and hooked them up to his high end equipment: Rotel CD w/optical out, Parasound DA Converter, custom active crossover and 4 - mono amplifiers; 2 of the amplifiers were being used for the sub-woofers/bass drivers. We were both quite amazed at the detail in the sound, the midrange lifelike was and the treble was also bright and authentic, furthermore, the imaging was extraordinary. My friend said Fantastic/Wow several times and said don't change a thing! My friend requested that I build him a set. Construction: Cutting the speakers holes is a bit tricky, the tolerances are tight. I recommend using a small drill press and adjustable circle cutter (General Tool). To fit the woofers in place, I used a 1" rasp to square the bottom of each hole to fit the wire terminals. I angled the boxes slightly and made sure they were 8 liters, additionally, used a full 1" MDF material. To insure air tightness, I added a strip of rope calking to the back of the drivers. The cabinets are as air tight as I could make, e.g. push on one cone and the other stays out for quite a while. Evaluation: I am giving the speakers 5 stars out of 5, they are high end speakers for a fraction of the cost of store-bought, and of course you'll have to build the cabinets. The only criticism is that I thought they would have a bit more bass, however, my friend and I did agree with Madisound's statement that they blend/crossover nicely at 80hz. Very Pleased and plan on making more sets.' Review by Doug Johnston. Posted by Madisound.