Supra Mains Power Distribution Block - MD06-US-SP

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Manufacturer: Supra Cables
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Manufacturer: Supra Cables
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Due to a special quantity purchase, Madisound is now able to offer the MD06-US/SP at a greatly reduced price!

Supra LoRad MD06-US/SP Power Distribution Block

Shielded mains distribution block in aluminum with surge protection. MD06-US/SP has an IEC input socket for mains input, allowing you the flexibility to use any length of mains cable from your wall socket to the unit.

Power cord is not included - DIY & factory terminated options are available. We recommend that you use the Supra LoRad shielded mains cable with the MD06-US/SP in order to maximize the benefits. See description below and drop down menu for ordering.

MD06-US/SP features six Nema-15 sockets, American standard. Input connector: IEC-320 15 Amp Fuse NIF transient filter 3-way Surge Protection. For a correct and safe 3-way surge protection, the mains block has to be connected to an grounded wall socket.

•Radio frequency interference reduced by 40dB!
•Internal wiring of 2.5sqmm oxygen free copper leads
•Supports a staggering 2300W of continuous power!
•Protects you and your Hi-Fi audio system from harmful noise fields and radiation!
•Suitable for wall mounting

Dimensions of the MD06-US/SP are 369mm (L) x 85 mm (W) x 55 mm (H). This is the overall maximum dimension and excludes the rubber feet, which are supplied in the box with the unit. 

LoRad Shielded Mains Blocks in Aluminum

The mains blocks are fully shielded from radiated electric fields by means of their aluminum chassis. The conductive chassis drains the interference down to ground. It has to be connected to an earthed socket with an earthed mains cable, in order to work properly. For a useful degree of shielding and immunity, the mains block should be combined and employed with SUPRA LoRad shielded mains cables. 

SUPRA NIF Transient Filter 
All models are equipped with SUPRA NIF (Non-Intrusive Filtering), a mild transient filter which will not influence the transient properties of the equipment. SUPRA NIF is developed by Ben Duncan Research in England. To make the mains blocks more flexible and suit all customers Supra has removed the filter on 1 output. Supra can supply custom configuration, filter on all, half or on no outputs.  Standard NIF configuration:

Output 1 (first from mains in connector)  •Non Filtered, recommended for Amplifier. •Surge protected

Output 2 to 6 •Filtered •Surge protected

3-Way Surge Protection
The SP-models MD06-BS/SP, MD06-EU/SP, and MD06-US/SP are all equipped with SUPRA’s surge protection device which protects all three ways: Live to Earth, Neutral to Earth and Live to Neutral. Many other surge protectors are only Live to Neutral, and do not protect against field surges by proximate lightning. Lightning is always referred to earth. When other manufacturers stop at one-way protection, i. e. only between the live and neutral lead from the power source, Supra goes all-in and offer a full three-way protection required to protect your HiFi audio system from e.g. a nearby lightning strike.

Add LoRad Shielded Cable & Supra Plugs - Make your own power cord for the MD06-US/SP!
The conscious HiFi enthusiast connects the Supra MD mains distribution strip to wall sockets with earth terminal using Supra LoRad mains flex. See below for quick links to these components. Add these parts to your order in the drop down above.  

Supra LoRad MKII 2.5 Mains Flex Power Cable by the foot
Supra SWF-10 Earthed Mains IEC 320 Plug
Supra SW-US Mains Power Plug

Watch YouTube Video for instructions on making your own LoRad power cord. 

Factory terminated LoRad Power Cables are also available.

Note: SUPRA MD06-US/SP block must be connected to a ground terminal socket for the various protections and filters to be active.

Note: Optional Supra LoRad cable is required for full Lorad effect. Build your own or buy factory terminated.

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