Scanspeak Voice Coil D3004
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Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
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Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
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Replacement Voice Coil Assembly for Scan-Speak D3004 Tweeters (290059)

Can be used to repair:

    • D3004/6600-00
    • D3004/6620-00
    • D3004/6620-01

This is also the best option we know of for older Hales Transcendence & Thiel (CS2.2, CS3.6, etc) speakers that used a Vifa D26AG36-04. The original is metal dome and this is textile. It is on the same voice coil chassis and also 4 ohm impedance. Consider clipping off the protective three pronged grill for best performance and/or if there are dome clearance issues. 

Note: If you are repairing your Scan-Speak D3004/6620-00 or D3004/6620-01, you will also need to puchase a new foam insert from the drop down menu. You have to peel off your original to get to the Torx screws holding the faceplate to the magnet assembly. Picture below shows front and back. Those repairing Hales/Thiel Vifa D26AG36-04 tweeters DO NOT need to purchase this part. 




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Reviewed by Century
04/11/2018 - 02:48:17 PM
Thiel 3.6 tweeter replacement
I bought a pair of used Thiel 3.6 speakers and discovered one bad tweeter and one bad midrange at lower volumes. Thiel wanted $250 to repair them. My friend told me about Madisound so I replaced both tweeters. I wanted to keep the sound even. I installed the new D3004 tweeters and after a few week break in the tweeters sound great. I was worried that they would not preform as good as the original but they are every bit as good. I also changed the ferroliquid which was surprisingly easy. These are a great replacement.