Price: $131.60


Manufacturer: Eton
Product ID : 28SD1
Weight: 1.50 lbs
Manufacturer: Eton
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Eton 28SD1 28mm Silk Diaphragm Tweeter
  • Hand Coated Silk Diaphragm
  • Non-resonant Rear Chamber
  • Rich and Warm Tonal Characteristic
  • 104mm Metal Faceplate
  • 4.8mm Gold Plated Terminals
    (use QC187 or QC205 quick connects)
This silk dome tweeter provides both warmth and airiness.  The large dome has a very nice and rounded roll off on the low end for easy blending to the midrange or bass driver.  This type of roll off is often seen on tweeters with good transient response.  The powerful neodymium magnet and light silk dome extends the highs to 22kHz with a nice gradual rising response.  The low fs allows this driver to be crossed over low.  

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by lucidityaudio
09/15/2016 - 09:38:39 AM
Wasnt sure at first
I'm typically a Metal dome tweeter kinda guy and have played with a lot of the "middle of the road" Metal domes.
I originally mated my Satori 6" drivers with the Audax gold dome and liked it but the audax didn't quite get low enough to blend with the Satori. I looked at many tweeters and almost bought the Eton 29hd2 mag/ceramic dome but dared to try the soft dome this time around and I'm glad I did.
I'm very impressed with this tweeter! It's ability to give me the brass symbols and the impact of the sticks on them is of a Metal dome is astonishing! It blends flawlessly with the Satori woofer. This is by far my favorite soft dome tweeter to date and I've used plenty of them.
This tweeter won't let you down and it's ability to get low makes it a great candidate for almost any 2 or 2.5way setup imho

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