Adire Audio Tumult ADTT12D4 12" DVC Subwoofer 4/4 ohm

Price: $670.00


Manufacturer: Adire Audio
Product ID : Tumult ADTT12D4
Weight: 60.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Adire Audio
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Adire Audio Tumult ADTT12D4 12" DVC Subwoofer 4/4 ohm

Please note, this item will drop-ship directly from California, USA. Customers located outside the USA please contact Madisound for assistance.

The Tumult. Since its inception it has been the pinnacle of subwoofers. Simply put, nothing compares to the Tumult. Available in 12″ and 15″ sizes with dual 2 Ohm voice coil options. The highest performance, world-class sound quality with XBL^2 motor technology, and amazing build quality. The ultimate subwoofer.

Each Tumult subwoofer features a cast 12 spoke aluminum basket. Dual stacked magnet slugs. All steel cut from ultra-low carbon steel, custom wound 3″ diameter 4 layer copper voice coil using an aluminum former, treated thick paper cone with poly dustcap. Heavy foam surround. Rubber mounting gasket. And legendary Adire engineering throughout.

If you want the best, look no further. Tumult.

  • Patented XBL^2 Linear Motor Technology
  • Hi Temp 3” Round Wound Copper Voice Coil
  • Non Pressed Paper Cone With Poly Dust Cap
  • Heavy Duty Lead Wires Interwoven Into Spiders
  • Y35 Ferrite Magnet Motor Structure w/ Vented Pole
  • Custom Tooled Progressive Spider
  • 1000W RMS Power Rating

The original XBL^2 subwoofer manufacturer! Shipping direct from factory in San Martin, CA.

Tumult 12" Tumult 15" Tumult 18"
Coil Dual 2 or Dual 4
(VC Wired in Series For All Tests)
Dual 2 or Dual 4
(VC Wired in Series For All Tests)
Dual 2 or Dual 4
(VC Wired in Series For All Tests)
Fs 19.49 Hz 21.38Hz | 22.55Hz Coming Soon
Re 3.66 Ohm 3.85 Ohm | 6.36 Ohm Coming Soon
Qms 4.07 5.16 | 4.82 Coming Soon
Qes .438 .40 | .46 Coming Soon
Qts .396 .37 | .42 Coming Soon
Le 3.81 mH
1.905 mH per coil
D2 - 2.63 mH Per Coil
D4 - 3.27mH Per Coil
Mms 330.78 g 368.25g | 331.90g Coming Soon
Cms .21 mm/N .21 mm/N Coming Soon
Sd 481.67 cm^2 791.73 cm^2 Coming Soon
Vas 66.43 L 133.93 L | 133.63 L Coming Soon
SPL 82.24 dB @ 1W/1m D2 - 86.83 dB @ 1W/1m
D4 - 86.90 dB @ 1W/1m
Coming Soon
Bl 18.4 n/a 21.67 n/a | 25.31 n/a Coming Soon
Xmax 34mm (One Way) 34mm (One Way) 34mm (One Way)
RMS Power 1000W 1000W 1000W

Tumult 12"

Tumult 15"

Overall Diameter



Cutout Diameter



Mounting Depth

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Driver Displacement

.15 cuft

.17 cuft

Sealed Enclosure

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Ported Enclosure

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Shipping Weight

60 LBS

65 LBS

Adire Audio PDFs

About Adire Audio

Adire Audio started as a dream to build the biggest, baddest transducers on the planet.  I like to think we delivered, and we fundamentally changed the way transducers were designed and built because of it.  As it closed down in 2008, the team moved on to other things, different industries.  I myself went hard-core into consulting and along the way designed transducers in the pro, consumer, and automotive space that ship in the tens of millions a years.  XBL^2 not only brought concepts like linearity and accuracy to the lexicon, it also set a standard for high-performance reproduction.

A year or so ago, I was approached by two audio enthusiasts who had the same passion for audio that the Adire team did, back in the late 90s/early 2000s.  In talks over the last year, it’s become painfully obvious to me that not only do I not have the heart or desire to get back into the DIY/automotive transducer market directly, but that I had, in fact, found two individuals who could carry forward what we created and grew.  Kindred spirits who see life in audio not as a balance sheet or marketing campaign but a way to let thousands and thousands of people experience music.

It is with great pleasure that I “hand over the torch” to Andrew and Brandon.  Through our talks and meetings, I’ve come to realize they will carry forward the original vision and goals of Adire Audio, and ensure it will grow and move and continue to influence the direction the hobbyist/automotive market moves.  It is highly rewarding to know that people who used our gear back in the day, want to see it not just come back to life, but continue growing along the same path and principles.  I can think of no better people to do this than Andrew and Brandon.

-Dan Wiggins, Founder Adire Audio

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