Peerless STW-350F-188PR01-04 15" subwoofer

Price: $470.02


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Manufacturer: Peerless by Tymphany
Product ID : STW350F188PR0104
Weight: 65.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Peerless by Tymphany
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Peerless STW-350F-188PR01-04 15" Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer

• FEA optimized motor design features triple ferrite magnets • Rigid cast aluminum basket with multimounting position holes • Dual aluminum shorting ring for minimal harmonic distortion • Forced convection cooling • High Durability dual Nomex spider and NBR surround provide strong and linear suspension

After two years of research and development, we are proud to introduce our new flagship 15” subwoofer – The STW 15”. The Peerless STW-350F-188PR01-04 15" subwoofer produces deep and clean low-frequency reproduction with minimal distortion at high output levels. Designed from the ground up for output, performance, and reliability from the smallest enclosures, this driver with its 7.4" voice coil, internal magnet assembly, and outrageous excursion capability is a welcome departure from conventional subwoofer designs. 

The driver features an FEA optimized ferrite motor with 90mm peak to peak excursion, and a 188mm dual voice coil design, providing extraordinarily low power compression.  It is also designed with 70L equivalent volume and Fs below 25Hz. These features allow the driver to be mounted in a much smaller box than most traditional 12”, 15” and even many 10” subwoofers. The STW 15” subwoofer offers deep & clean low-frequency reproduction with minimal distortion at high sound pressure levels.  Designed for more, the driver is built for high-quality performance and reliability.

• 188mm dual voice coil with extraordinary low power compression • Long gap, long coil winding design provides +/-20mm linear excursion when voice coil moves up and down • 90mm peak to peak excursion meets extreme dynamic sound demand • Resonant Frequency≈ 24 Hz 188mm voice coil paper cone ferrite motor • cast aluminum basket 4 ohm (with coils in parallel)

Note for the Xmax: The driver is a long gap (36mm) and long coil(58mm) design. This is a benefit for a subwoofer with long excursion (40mm). The driver can still maintain the coil in the gap to provide appropriate motor strength.

  • Massive 7.4" voice coil produces extraordinary low power compression
  • 2 Large aluminum shorting rings for better control and minimal harmonic distortion
  • Dual 8 ohm voice coil allow multiple wiring configurations including dual amplifier designs
  • Internal magnet structure provides more force from a smaller magnet
  • Lower Vas and Fs with higher BL for unmatched low end capability from the smallest enclosures
  • Extensive voice coil venting for quiet operation and increased power handling
  • Over 90mm of mechanical excursion prevents failure under the most demanding conditions

Mounting Screws: We recommend heavy-duty screws for mounting this driver.
OXSOCKET10X1.25 Screw Size 10, 1-1/8" Hex Head fit the mounting holes snugly.
OXTNUT10-24 Screw #10 1.5" Socket Head Cap Screw will also work, but you might have to file down one side of the T-Nut. 

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