Mundorf 15.0 mfd Supreme Caps
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Manufacturer: Mundorf
Product ID : ms15
Weight: 0.37 lbs
Manufacturer: Mundorf
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Mundorf M-Cap Supreme

Value 15.0µf

600 VDC

Dimensions 41 x 102 (D*L)(mm)

The Munorf Supreme capacitor (SUP8) uses the same special induction-free winding technology as the Silver/Oil capacitor. This capacitor is a metallized polypropylene film, with exceptional low loss characteristics. The Supreme is equally suited to electronics as it is for high-end loudspeakers. No matter where you use the Mcap Supreme--as a coupling capacitor in your CD player or amplifier, or in the crossover of your speakers --you always get the same surprising and impressive performance. Whether you are upgrading a premium system, or a price conscious configuration, Supreme will deliver a significant enhancement.

VDC change on Mundorf capacitors on February 17, 2011

    • There has been a labeling change for Mundorf capacitors. This is labeling change only; there are no internal or technical changes.

    • Mundorf has changed the VDC rating for this capacitor from 800 VDC to 600 VDC (for security of operation in high-current, non-audio applications)

    • On newly made caps, Mundorf will change the label on the cap to indicate the new rating.

    • To reiterate, this is a label change only. There have been no changes in the manufacturing process or materials used for Mundorf capacitors.

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Reviewed by inline_phil
inline_phil bought "Mundorf 15.0 mfd Supreme Caps" on our website
03/07/2014 - 08:30:20 PM
For those who want to hear more...
I am slowly upgrading the crossover network on my Bozak 302-A rebuilds. I first had to figure out what network would "work" by first cobbling together something with low-cost parts. Then, once the design was finalized, I could justify better quality caps.

I started with Dayton Audio (read REALLY cheap) and then tried the Clarity SA series. Sound greatly improved but then the upgrade of the old Bozak B-200Y tweeters to a planar speaker regained the clarity, dynamics, and extension to which I was accustomed. BUT this planar driver was so revealing it showed the weaknesses of the Clarity SA series caps, something with which I was not anticipating.

Using a BW3 network and crossing at 2,360Hz, the sparkle and shimmer I knew this driver had the potential to demonstrate sounded more like a poorly designed horn. Frustrated, I did not suspect the Clarity SA caps at first but after trying notch filters, different network designs, and a lot of RTA measurements, I finally sprung for these bad boys.

Now know this: the weakest-link in the audio chain scenario plays out when using these caps. You MUST have electronic gear capable of revealing nuances otherwise you might as well go with the Daytons. But if you are the one who strives for realism, you will not be disappointed by this series.

Once installed, instruments just sound more real, especially in tonal balance and phase linearity. Image stability is much better and the overall acoustic signature of the capacitors is removed. Without a doubt, you know that you are hearing something very different and not trying to convince yourself that you have not wasted your money. It's improvement is pretty obvious.

While the Clarity SA caps do a fine job, the Mundorf Supremes are truly better. Spending hundreds of dollars in recapping your crossover network may not be where you choose to put your money. However, when you get tired of the "amplifier of the month" game, try these. Replace the midrange section first. Then add a Vishay 0.01uF/200V MKP shunt (yes, its miniscule but its mighty) and raise the level of these amazing Supremes (one reviewer falls just short of saying that it compares to the sound of the Silver-Gold).

For more details, see my blog at

I like to tweak and DIY and Madisound is a great place to shop. Prices are fantastic and the products are superb. I bought several pairs of Dynaudio D-54 midrange drivers from them (way back when they were available to DIY folks) and have been a faithful customer ever since. These are good folks and you should do business with them whenever you can.