Mundorf 18.0 mfd Supreme Caps
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Price: $74.70


Manufacturer: Mundorf
Product ID : ms18
Weight: 0.59 lbs
Manufacturer: Mundorf
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Mundorf M-Cap Supreme

Value 18.0µf

600 VDC

Dimensions 50 x 106 (D*L)(mm)


The Munorf Supreme capacitor (SUP8) uses the same special induction-free winding technology as the Silver/Oil capacitor. This capacitor is a metallized polypropylene film, with exceptional low loss characteristics. The Supreme is equally suited to electronics as it is for high-end loudspeakers. No matter where you use the Mcap Supreme--as a coupling capacitor in your CD player or amplifier, or in the crossover of your speakers --you always get the same surprising and impressive performance. Whether you are upgrading a premium system, or a price conscious configuration, Supreme will deliver a significant enhancement.


VDC change on Mundorf capacitors on February 17, 2011


    • There has been a labeling change for Mundorf capacitors. This is labeling change only; there are no internal or technical changes.

    • Mundorf has changed the VDC rating for this capacitor from 800 VDC to 600 VDC (for security of operation in high-current, non-audio applications)

    • On newly made caps, Mundorf will change the label on the cap to indicate the new rating.

    • To reiterate, this is a label change only. There have been no changes in the manufacturing process or materials used for Mundorf capacitors.

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