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ScanSpeak Illuminator 18WU/4741T-00 7" Woofer, 4 ohm

ScanSpeak Illuminator 18WU/4741T-00 7" Woofer, 4 ohm
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Price: $319.50
Product ID : 18wu_4741t
Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
Weight: 5.50 lbs
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ScanSpeak Illuminator 7" Paper Cone Woofer 18WU/4741T-00

  • Under hung voice coil
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Exceptionally long linear excursion
  • paper cone

The Illuminator woofers are based on compact under-hung motor systems with large neodymium ring magnets. The patent pending motor offers a very long linear excursion together with a very high force factor. The top plate is shaped to “guide” the backside airflow around the motor and with the very open cast aluminum chassis design the driver is virtually free from compression.

Madisound recommends:

  • Sealed box of 0.25 cubic feet for an F3 of 80Hz
  • Vented box of 0.5 cubic feet with a 2" diameter vent by 8" long for an F3 of 55Hz
  • Vented box of 0.75 cubic feet with a 2" diameter vent by 7" long for an F3 of 50Hz

Also written as: 18WU/4741T-00, 18WU 4741T 00, 18WU4741T00, 18WU 4741T, 18WU 4741T00, 18WU/4741T, 18WU/4741T00

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by theoracleprodigy
08/28/2012 - 02:55:32 PM
wow so much sound
I decided to build my first book shelf speaker. Originally I was going to build a three way speaker but everyone talked me out of that. I found these on sale from someone who didn't even use them and jumped at the chance. So glad I did. These were built with the Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/6620 tweeter. These were replacing an older pair of Infinity Crescendo 3007 speakers. For those that don't know those are a three way tower with twin 8' woofers. I was very scared these wouldn't put out the sound or have the impact I wanted. I was so wrong. These would compete with any two way system out there. I would bet they would out perform most all the high end audiophile speakers out there. I have listened to Wilsons, B&W's and a few others. The clarity, impact and preciseness of these is a surprise. They might not have as much impact as four 8' woofers but they don't lack anywhere either. If all you can build is one two way system save your pennies and get these. They are not cheap but worth it by far.