Scanspeak Illuminator 18WU/8747T-00, 7" Aluminum Cone Woofer

Scanspeak Illuminator 18WU/8747T-00, 7" Aluminum Cone Woofer
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Price: $306.50


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Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
Product ID : 18wu_8747t-00
Weight: 7.00 lbs
Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
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Scanspeak Illuminator , 7" Aluminum Cone Woofer

  • Patented symmetrical drive motor system
  • Under hung motor system
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Voice coil gap fully encapsulated with copper caps
  • Exceptionally long linear stroke
  • Optimized for woofer application in 3-way systems
  • Black Anodized Aluminium Cone 

The Illuminator woofers are based on compact under-hung motor systems with large neodymium ring magnets. The patent pending motor offers a very long linear excursion together with a very high force factor. The top plate is shaped to “guide” the backside airflow around the motor and with the very open cast aluminum chassis design the driver is virtually free from compression.

Also written as: 18WU/8747T-00, 18WU 8747T 00, 18WU8747T00, 18WU 8747T00, 18WU 8747T-00, 18WU 8747T,18WU8747T-00.

Box suggestions: (these motors tend to go deeper than predicted)

0.3 cubic foot sealed box for and F3 of 85Hz

0.7 cubic foot box with 2" vent by 6.5" long for an F3 of 52Hz

1.0 cubic foot box with 2" vent by 4" long of an F3 of 45Hz

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by hbrew47
08/02/2015 - 04:20:56 PM
Better than imagined
I wanted to improve my left/right speakers in my theater system. My previous build with Scanspeak Illuminator drivers was so satisfying I didn't want to take any chances with other drivers. The 18WU/8747T with a D3004/662000 tweeter turned out as I wanted. Even though it is not broken in yet I would be happy with this in my stereo system. In a stereo I would have a subwoofer for the very low notes.
Reviewed by jecastej
jecastej bought "Scanspeak Illuminator 18WU/8747T-00, 7" Aluminum Cone Woofer" on our website
01/20/2014 - 02:58:41 PM
What I was looking for
I wanted to upgrade my stereo gear simply because I know there are way better sound out there. I decided to start with the woofers as I read a lot of reviews from great online sites and also from users or readers I considered wiser, and someone said something I now know is one truth. Everything is important but most of the instruments, guitars, pianos, saxons or drums even human voice produce very important waves at around 300 Hz. I had already a pair of KEF 3000 satellites so the upper range will have to wait for budget reasons and because the Kefs produce a decent voice. Also I prefer stereo for music and I did not wanted to just add a subwoofer, even a musical one.

Because I have a small studio room (12 x 9) and I am located in a building apartment I did not wanted to have social problems with the neighbors I chose these 6' Illuminator woofers. Also because of the sale price here at Madisound and because I read pertinent articles on Troels Gravesen about Scanspeak drivers and speaker building. So I ended up with a custom build 3 ways.

I took some risky decisions because I am a newbe at this and needed great flexibility with my woofer positioning:
After reading a lot and doing some calculations and measurements I got a pair of 18WU/8747T-00 from Madisound.
I builded some 22 liter cabinets on my own only to house the woofers (my very first experience with wood and with speaker cabinets.
I decided to go with sealed cabinets for better definition. 3/4 inch on sides and 1 on front.
And I went the harder way with bended wood for the side walls.
Also I downloaded the speaker calculator from Scanspeak site and took a chance with 1 mH air coils dampened with fiberglass at aroung 50% of volume.

Here is my verdict:
I have only been listening my new speakers for only 3 days and the drivers are not fully broken yet but, BUT wow!!! I am so happy. These is serous sound. Period. It improves a lot of clarity, definition, imaging and power over the KEFs on 50-1000 Hz. No offense because my KEFs are still budget HIFI.

I am using an Emotiva amp with a NAD preamp, the Audioquest mini DAC with Forest interconnects and my MAC computer with uncompressed files. My other speakers are a pair of KEF sats that are in front of my screen separated by 4 f. I am using an L-pad to graduate the KEF as they are a bit more sensitive.

My next move maybe on some Scanspeak Illuminator tweeters also with a better DAC.