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Crossover Design

Crossover Design with LEAP Software

Order a Madisound Crossover Design

$40 for a 2-Way Crossover Design
$40 for a 2-Way MTM CrossoverDesign
$40 for a Subwoofer Crossover Design
$55 for a 3-Way Crossover Design
$75 for a 4-Way CrossoverDesign

Prices are for the design only. Parts and assembly are priced separately. Assembled crossovers vary in cost, depending on the quality of the components that are selected. Special requests or projects? Call us for pricing.

Before Ordering a LEAP Design

What drivers are you using? They must be Madisound stock items.

What are your box volumes? Do you wish us to determine them for you?

How are the drivers mounted? Are the drivers surface mounted, or routed into the cabinet for a flush mount?

Madisound's Crossover Design Process

Crossover design has significantly evolved in the last decade. In the past you had to start with a theoretical design and then spend weeks tweaking until you came up with a crossover that sounded pretty good, but probably was not as good as it could be.

Madisound begins by taking all driver response and impedance measurements in our anechoic chamber using the Audio Precision measurement system. We then export this data into the LEAP filter analysis program by Linearx. With the Leap program we can plot what would be an ideal curve for each driver, and then use Leap to try different filter values against the actual driver response curves, continually selecting those parts that bring the actual curve to that of the ideal curve. We then look at the total system response curve and select parts to match the ideal system response. The result is a flat response curve, to the limits of the selected driver responses. This method can be repeated for impedance correction to create an ideal impedance magnitude response. The finished design is excellent, and a good value!

Example of the Documents You Will Receive

You will receive the following in PDF format.