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ScanSpeak Toolbox

Download the ScanSpeak Toolbox (Excel spreadsheet)

Scan-Speak now provides advanced parameters on their driver data sheets. The spreadsheet includes a simple model of the baffle step and a way of applying a passive crossover, first or second order, to visualize the effect of the crossover onto the response of the complete system. These additions are implemented in a minimal way, but enough to design systems fairly in agreement with reality. The model expands the old Lumped Parameter model, as presented by Albert Neville Thiele and Richard H. Small. The model expands the electrical side of the loudspeaker with additionally 3 components. Further more - the latest development of the model provides a simple mean of including damping in the suspension into the model, giving better agreement with reality on the velocity of the driver at low frequencies, as well as better agreement with the impedance, meaning the model is better to predict the low-frequency roll-off.

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