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Fostex Enclosure Plans

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DIY Speaker Building Forums

AudiogoN - Audio classifieds and auction site.

DiyMobileAudio Forum - Car audio forum aka DIYMA.

DIYAudio Forum - Speaker builder forum. "By fanatics. For fanatics."

Madisound Audio Forum - Forum for speaker builders, including a Q&A section with Zaph Audio, and an Audio Marketplace for peer-to-peer speaker part sales.

DIY Speaker Building Links - Informative guide for car stereo installations.

Foambymail - Acoustic foam for listening rooms.

Frugal-Horn - The home for high-performance, low-cost horn designs.

Frugal-Phile - Enclosure plans for full range drivers from Fostex, MarkAudio, etc.

Hi-Fi Speaker Design - Calculators for speaker builders, speaker design basics, and more. Higly recommened.

Humble Homemade Hifi - Capacitor reviews by Tony Gee, founder and owner of Humble Homemade Hifi and tg-acoustics.

Linkwitz Lab - Design and consultation in electro-acoustics. Detailed DIY designs.  Designer of the Orion, Pluto, LX521 Monitor, and the Phoenix..

LinearTeam - Freeware for speaker builders: WinISD, WinISD Pro, ISD Online, Wav Normalizer, Lotto G/C, and Dicegames.

planet_10 hifi - Fostex boxes

Subwoofer DIY Page - Brian Steele's advice on building subwoofers.

Sonofagun Foam Speaker Grilles Replacement Foam Grills, manufacturing custom foam grills since 1974, replacement foam grills for most all makes/models of speakers including JBL, Altec Lansing, BIC, Cerwin-Vega, Infinity, Bose, etc.

Speaker Building Page - Resources for DIY loudspeaker design and construction.

Zaph Audio - John "Zaph" Krutke's audio projects and driver tests.

General Audio Links

Acoustical Society of America - The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) is an international scientific society dedicated to increasing and diffusing the knowledge of acoustics and its practical applications.

Audio Concepts - Sound That Satisfies, Since 1977

Audio Engineering Society - The Audio Engineering Society is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology.

AudioXpress - Home of AudioXpress and Voice Coil magazine

Audigo - Concurrent engineering and near field monitors

Biro Technology - Articles on speaker building.

Circle Stereo - We re-condition old classic audio gear, sell new and old gear on consignment, we have a FAQ section, and we provide audio advice based on thirty plus years in the repair, sales, and consignment business.

Decware DIY Audio Projects - Enclosure designs from Decware.

Full Compass - Store for pro audio, video, A./V, lighting, and musical instruments.

GedLee LLC - Acoustics consulting firm which also produces books and software on acoustics and loudspeakers. Principles are Dr. Earl R. Geddes and Dr. Lidia W. Lee.

John Marks Records - Award-winning classical-music and jazz CDs

Kimber Kable

Linkwitz Lab - Design and consultation in electro-acoustics. Detailed DIY designs.  Home of the Orion Speaker.

Liberty Instruments

Lowther Speakers USA - Distributor of Lowther brand drivers.

Maggie Users Group - Magnepan users group, discussion, upgrades, etc.

Netwell Noise Control - Range of products includes absorption and barrier products. Featuring acoustic panels and over 60 other sound proofing materials, in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes tailored to address, your specific soundproofing needs. These products are designed for commercial or residential use.

Marchand Electronics - Electronic crossovers, assembled and kits.

Newform Research Inc. - Manufactures ribbon loudspeakers

Oakwood Veneer Company - Online veneer sales, many types to choose from.

Omega Speaker Systems - High efficiency single driver x-overless monitors

Pear Cable - Pear Cable is a high-fidelity audio cable manufacturer offering world class audiophile grade cables and high-end analog audio interconnects.

Purebits - Professional audio testing and analysis software.

Reconer locator - Find a reconer in your area.

Speaker Calculator - Free downloadable software from HiFi Speaker Design.

Stereo Review's Sound and Vision Online - Hot Topics | Entertainment Guide | Buying Tips | Equipment Reports

Stage Accompany - Manufacturer of professional sound systems

Tonian Labs - Supra Cables, PHY drivers, Finished speakers

True Audio

Tyler Acoustics - Custom speaker stands, speaker enclosures and systems

WBT - Connectors and other parts.

Audio Link Sites

(German) Hi-Fi Online - Popular german website about Hi-fi and Home Cinema

Fotosearch audio samples - Thousands of audio clips available to listen to for free

Audio Related Internet World Wide Web & FTP Sites - The most comprehensive list of audio links we've seen. Compiled daily by Steve Ekblad.