Air Motion Transformer (AMT)

Air Motion Transformers from Mundorf

Mundorf offers today's largest selection of Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeters worldwide. The different lines were developed for certain applications and requirements. All Mundorf HiFi AMT tweeters have two superior key properties: excellent transient response and outstanding low distortion ratio. The differences lie mainly in their frequency ranges, sound pressure levels and dispersion angles.

AMT19 and AMT21 series are design for use in 3+ way systems, whereas AMT23 and AMT25 models are also suitable for 2+ way applications.

The AMT164U models (patented U-shape pole plates) recommend themselves for use in professional high quality monitor systems as well as ultimate Hi-Fi speaker systems. The narrow vertical dispersion angle, high sensitivity and low distortion ratio result in both unique and precise musicality.

The dipole AMT models come in two lines. One line is optimized for a free-standing installation. Their transient response is very similar to a woofer's transient response when mounted in an open baffle. Ideally suited for such concepts are the AMT17D, AMT23D, AMT25D and AMT27D tweeters.

A second line of dipole AMT's is optimized for matching open-baffle concepts perfectly. These models include the AMT23D6.1, AMT25D6.1 and AMT27D6.1.

Dipole AMT17D has also proved itself as an outstanding super tweeter, which can easily be matched with any given speaker. Super tweeter mounting stands are also available.

Finally, with its high 100dB sensitivity, exceptional linearity and extended frequency range, AMT29 represents the perfect synthesis of Mundorf HiFi AMT and Mundorf Pro AMT models.

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