Solen "Perfect Lay" Inductors 14 AWG

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Perfect Lay Winding Air Core Inductors are from from Solen Engineering. These are audio grade inductors using 14 gauge wire with the following specifications: Perfect lay hexagonal winding with a winding space factor of 86.7%. Oxygen content is less than 200 parts per million on surface. Insulation is 130 degree centigrade, single-coating nylon-polyurethane. Computer optimized coil dimension. Encapsulation is varnish dip coating with four nylon ties. No saturation distortion, test voltage 1500 VAC. No Hysteresis distortion, test voltage 1500 VAX. Inductance tolerance within 1% of value listed. Conductivity is better than 101.5% of National Electrical and manufacturing Association (NEMA) standard sample. Wire diameter is 0.064 inches, 1.63mm and made of high purity annealed copper.

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