QC Fittings

Quick Connect fitting for some of our drivers, http://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/quick-connects/.

Quick Connect Width

QC110-R, QC110-B   0.110   2.8
QC187-R, QC187-B   0.187   4.7
QC205-R, QC205-B   0.205   5.2
QC250-R, QC250-B   0.250   6.4
QC8MM   0.354   8.0

Quick Connects for Madisound Raw Speaker Drivers

Brand   Drivers   Product Line   Pos +
  Neg -
Satori   Tweeters   n/a   QC205-R   QC110-B    
Satori   Woofers   n/a   QC250-R   QC205-B    
SB Acoustics   Tweeters   n/a   QC205-R   QC110-B    
SB Acoustics   Woofers   n/a   QC205-R   QC110-B    
ScanSpeak   Midranges   Discovery   QC205-R   QC110-B    
ScanSpeak   Midranges   Illuminator   QC205-R   QC110-B    
ScanSpeak   Midranges   Revelator   QC250-R   QC250-B    
ScanSpeak   Tweeters   Classic   QC110-R   QC110-B    
ScanSpeak   Tweeters   Discovery   QC110-R   QC110-B    
ScanSpeak   Tweeters   Illuminator   QC205-R   QC205-R   104 mm flange
ScanSpeak   Tweeters   Illuminator   QC205-R   QC110-B   55.5mm and 61.9mm flange
ScanSpeak   Tweeters   Revelator   QC205-R   QC205-R    
ScanSpeak   Tweeters   Revelator   QC110-R   QC110-B   D2905/9900
ScanSpeak   Woofers   Classic   QC250-R   QC250-B    
ScanSpeak   Woofers   Discovery   QC250-R   QC250-B   26W/4558T00
ScanSpeak   Woofers   Discovery   QC205-R   QC110-B    
ScanSpeak   Woofers   Discovery   QC250-R   QC250-B   30W/4558T00
ScanSpeak   Woofers   Illuminator   QC205-R   QC110-B    
ScanSpeak   Woofers   Revelator   QC250-R   QC250-B    
Seas   L26ROY   Design   QC8MM   QC8MM    
Seas   L26RO4Y   Design   QC8MM   QC8MM    
Seas   Tweeters   n/a   QC110-R   QC110-B    
Seas   Woofers   n/a   QC205-R   QC205-R