Shipping Estimate

Shipping Info Based on Your Location

How to Generate a Shipping Estimate


· Register for an account

· Log in to your account

· Add items to your cart

· Select a shipping address

This is the quickest method to receive a shipping estimate. You can also try the following.


· Add your items to the cart

· Click the link for "Shipping Estimate" or "Get An Estimate".

· Choose your country

· Choose your state/province

· Enter your zip/postal code

· Select the button "Get Shipping Quotes"

Note: The display of the next-best method for a shipping estimate is a little confusing. It will appear that the address you entered has disappeared once you select "Get Shipping Quotes". This is a poor design issue. We have contacted PinnacleCart and asked them to improve this interface. If you see an estimate, and you entered your information correctly, then the estimate is correct.

No Estimates Displayed?

There are several reasons why a shipping estimate does not generate. Orders that are too heavy or very light will not generate shipping estimates. To provide you with a manual shipping estimate, we need the following information:

· Your shipping address including postal code

· The product codes and quantities you wish to order

Send us an email with the previous information to

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