Speaker Retrofits

Retrofits: Replacing a Speaker

Madisound receives many requests for replacement drivers for older systems, where manufacturer replacements are no longer available.We need the following information in order to help you find a replacement woofer. 

Please consult our Speaker Replacements Suggestions before continuing with this page.

Before Contacting Madisound, Collect The Following Info

  • Take a clear photo of the face of the driver and a photo of the rear.
  • What is the diameter of the woofer, from outside edge to edge?
  • What is the cutout hole size for the woofer?
  • What is the speaker box dimensions, length x width x depth?
  • If the speaker box has a vent (tube where air can come in and out)? What is the diameter and length of the vent?
  • Does the woofer have a foam surround or rubber surround?
  • Is the cone material paper, polypropylene or something else?
  • Is the frame a cast metal or a stamped sheet metal?
  • What is the impedance? (usually 4 or 8 ohms. If the impedance is not marked it can usually be inferred from the DC resistance of the unit. If you need assistance with measuring this contact us.)

Email this previous information to info@madisound.com. We will do our best to find a match for your speaker with this information.

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