Shipping to Canada

Not comfortable placing your order due to shipping concerns? Please contact us by email or phone. We are here to help you.

Madisound does not charge packaging and handling fees. We charge only the actual shipping costs, regardless of whether we are shipping within the U.S. or to an international address.

Orders to Canada

  • When placing an order with the shopping cart we will provide you estimated shipping costs. This is not your actual shipping cost.
  • We will charge you the actual shipping cost when your order is processed for shipment. This is determined by the final packaged weight and dimensions of your order.
  • If the actual shipping cost is significantly more expensive than the estimate then we will contact you before shipping.
  • Once your order is placed, we make every effort to ship on the same day. Typical cut-off time for same day shipping is 2:00 PM CST.
  • On occasion, we will not have stock on items that appear in-stock online. We will contact you by email to go over your options prior to shipping any part of that order.

USPSUnited States Postal Service (USPS) to Canada

USPS Express, Priority, and First Class

  • Usually the most cost effective and hassle-free way to ship from Madisound to Canada.
  • We recommend USPS Priority Mail International (formerly Airmail) or USPS Express Mail International (formerly EMS Mail) for a single package orders.
  • USPS First Class Mail International (formerly Surface Mail) is only used for books and very small orders.
  • Not a good choice for multiple package shipments, as each package is treated as a separate shipment. The price adds up quickly.
  • Typically attracts fewer import costs, as your package will be transferred to the Canada Post once it crosses the border.

USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Services

  • Issue: This shipping method does not appear as an option during check out.
  • Reason: It is not possible for the shopping cart to determine whether or not your order is suitable for Flat Rate services.
  • Solution: First, select USPS Priority Mail as your shipping option. Second, add a message as you place your order in "Additional Information".
  • Example: An example of a message, “Please ship my order via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box”.
  • Action: We will ship your order by the appropriate Flat Rate service if possible and charge you for that service. If not possible to ship by Flat Rate then your order will ship by regular USPS Priority Mail and you will be charged for that service.

FedEx to Canada

FEDEXFedEx Economy and Priority

  • A very reliable and fast shipping method with excellent tracking information.
  • A good choice for multiple packages and/or high-value shipments.
  • Costs about as much as USPS Priority Mail International but is cheaper when shipping multiple or heavy packages.
  • Brokerage fee is included as long as FedEx is your broker.

Is FedEx Your Current Broker?
If you have FedEx set up as your broker, then FedEx charges about 2.5% of the duties and taxes on your shipment, or about a $10.00 minimum. Brokerage fee is included as long as FedEx is your broker.

If FedEx is not your current broker then your shipment will be charged the brokerage and disbursement fees of your previous broker. (Canada keeps a database on this.) In turn, your existing broker will charge you brokerage and disbursement fees.

If you are making an individual personal purchase--and do not already have a broker on file--you will be contacted with the steps needed for a temporary Power of Attorney once your package arrives at Canadian customs. You may also choose to setup FedEx as your broker by calling the number below.

How to Make FedEx Your Broker
Fill out a FedEx Power of Attorney form so that FedEx become your "broker" to clear your package through Canadian customs. Or call FedEx Canada at (800) 563-1120. Select option 2. Shannon Howard or another FedEx representative can help you.

UPSUPS to Canada

UPS Ground

  • Available on request, but not displayed in shopping cart.
  • Best deal for multiple packages but a separate brokerage fee and disbursement fee is charged.
  • Disbursement Fee: $CAD4.50 minimum or 2.5%
  • Please see current Rates for Customs Clearance into Canada.

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