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Zaph|Audio ZA5.3c Center Channel, Single

Zaph|Audio ZA5.3c Center Channel, Single
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Price: $135.00
Product ID : za5.3c
Manufacturer: Zaph Audio
Weight: 8.50 lbs
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ZA5.3c MTM Center Channel from the Zaph|Audio ZA5 Family

This is the MTM Center Channel offering from the ZA5 family of kits. The ZA5.3c utilizes two woofers flanking a single tweeter with a port tube to the outside of each woofer. The recomended enclosure is designed to rest horizontally.

The Zaph Audio ZA5 Family is a collection of speaker kits using the ZA14W08 woofer and the Vifa DQ25SC16-04 tweeter. These drivers and subsequent kits represent fantastic performance at a very attractive price. Detailed information on the Zaph ZA14W08 woofer and ZA5 kits can be found on the Zaph Audio website.

There are several designs to choose from to meet your speaker building goals. Consider the ZA5 kits for anything from small monitors to floor standing towers, from stand mounted MTM stereo to a complete surround sound masterpiece. The variety of kits in the ZA5 family affords you the choices to specifically fit your project needs.

Madisound is offering these kits as a combination of the ZA14W08 woofers and DQ25SC16-04 tweeters along with the associated crossovers. These high quality crossovers come professionally assembled on a printed circuit board for easy installation and hookup. All crossover parts hold to the exact values of the crossover design. Kit pricing includes at least a 10% discount on all parts and represent an excellent value.

You may also choose to purchase your choice of optional accessories packages. These accessories packages are available at a discounted price, and will provide you with the miscellaneous speaker building parts that you need to complete your kit. Detailed parts list can be found below.

In response to customer feedback, binding posts/input cups are not included in the accessories package. However, you may also select your choice of binding posts or input cups at a discounted price. Both the accessories package and binding post/input cup options can be purchased along with this kit by selecting from the drop down menus at the top of this page.


  • (2) ZA14W08 Aluminum Cone Midbass Woofers
  • (1) DQ25SC16-04 Titanium Dome Tweeters
  • (1) Professionally Assembled Crossovers - for schematic click here.

Enclosure Information:

  • 0.70 cubic feet (20 liters)
  • 8" tall, 22" wide, and 10.5" deep
  • Front ported
  • For cabinet drawing click here.

Optional Accessories Package:

  • (5ft) Supra Classic 1.6 (15AWG) internal speaker wire
  • (2) 1.5" x 4" PT-F415 port tubes
  • (1) 27" x 42" x 5/8" Foam Sheet for lining the internal walls
  • (1) GOOP adhesive to glue foam to walls
  • (1) QC110R for + tweeter tabs
  • (3) QC110B Quick Connects for – tweeter & - woofer tabs
  • (6) QC187R Quick Connects for + woofer, + crossover & + binding post tabs
  • (4) QC187B Quick Connects for – crossover & - binding post tabs
  • (12) #8x1 Black Ox & Wax Socket Head & Wood Screws for mounting drivers to baffle

Would you like two or more of this kit? No problem, any quantity is available. Please leave us a note with your request in the "comments" section of your order. We will ship your order with the total number of speakers that you request, and charge accordingly.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Seren2
09/28/2012 - 10:48:25 AM
'I posted a lengthy review in the ZA5.5 tower section, so head over there for more information. Briefly, the ZA5.3c was my introduction to the Zaph line of products. I was so impressed that I moved on to surrounds and finally the ZA5.5 MMTMM towers. These kits are well made and well rounded if you get the accessory kit and "R-cups." They sound fantastic and look great, so you can end your search here. I have had positive exchanges with Madisound and have no reason not to recommend them as your audio vendor.' Review by Joe Heckman. Posted by Madisound.
Reviewed by Seren2
09/28/2012 - 10:48:01 AM
'I built this center because I was using a Polk Csi3 center with my Zaph MTM speakers in front and I wanted all the front speakers to match. I was pleasantly surprised however to find I like this center much more. I did not expect that having timbre matched speakers would make such a difference. The dialogue in movies is clearer and voices in music are significantly improved. It is much larger than I expected and quite a bit bigger than my previous center but losing a little space is a small price to pay for a sizeable increase in audio quality. I ended up cutting its height from the plan's 8 inches down to 7 inches to make it fit where I needed it to go so to keep the volume the same I made it a few inches wider. This does not seem to have had any adverse effect on the sound however as I couldn't be more pleased with the result.' Review by Scott Larson. Posted by Madisound.
Reviewed by bought "Zaph|Audio ZA5.3c Center Channel, Single" on our website
08/23/2012 - 03:20:49 AM
Very happy with this speaker
I have no measurement equipment, so everything I have to say about this system is purely subjective. Furthermore, I did not use John's box design because I had to fit the speaker in a very odd place - it has to wrap around a fireplace flue in a "stealth" HT system I'm building! Volume was identical to the nominal system, and tweeter/woofer placement *almost* the same. I had to move the tweeter slightly towards the center line of the woofers and separate the woofers by an additional 3/8" to accommodate the arm of a 200 lb lift for the TV that goes right through the speaker box!

Anyway, after this Frankenstein reworking on the box the results are fantastic, or at least to my ears! Mid-highs and highs (e.g. voice) come out beautifully and the bass extension was surprisingly good (well, certainly good enough that one should be able to cross-over to the sub at a reasonably low frequency). So far I've only run a quick test on my 2-channel system, sending the voice-heavy channel to this speaker and letting one of my floor towers fill in the bass - not exactly definitive. Anyway, I can't wait to hear what this sounds like with four 2-way ZA5 vented surround-speakers and a sealed Seas L26ROY based sub to fill in the bottom end.