Accuton S280-6-282 11" Ceramic Sandwich Cone Woofer, Neodymium

Accuton S280-6-282 11" Ceramic Sandwich Cone Woofer, Neodymium
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Manufacturer: Accuton
Product ID : s280-6-282
Weight: 11.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Accuton
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Accuton S280-6-282 11" Sandwich Cone Woofer

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The S280-6-282 is an 11 inch bass driver with ultra stiff ceramic - sandwich dome. The FEA optimized underhung motor design with 55 mm titanium voice coil former guarantees very low energy storage and good heat transfer. The BL factor is achieved through a specific strong motor architecture, and not by the use of many VC wire layers, which would raise inductance.

The special high shape, narrow surround is used to get maximum excursion limits with the largest possible piston area. A new basket was designed with special attention to optimum airflow and resonance control. For this exceptional bass driver, we recommend an application from 25 Hz - 800 Hz.
  • 11 inch sandwich cone bass with high efficiency for 3-way designs.
  • Large sized voice coil with 55mm titanium voice coil former.
  • Big, underhung 120mm Neodymium magnet system for very low distortion.
  • High mechanical Excursion.
  • Special multi spoke basket with improved airflow design.

We started with the basket design, eliminating any compression effects and resonance characteristics of the basket itself. We used multiple, slightly bent spokes with 4 different curvatures to provide just this. The rear of the dome is 100% vented and as a nice benefit offering improved safe handling of the unit. Within the reasonable working range, the motor system should be extremely linear. This can be achieved with a thick top plate and a quasi-symmetric underhung geometry plus a low inductance voice coil, unfortunately imposing the need for lots of steel and neodymium.

The FE simulation shows the extremely linear flux profile within the gap. The force of the voice coil must be transferred to the dome with maximum accuracy, which implies the need for a voice coil former with high internal speed of sound and special stiffness. As aluminum would add severe eddy currents to the system, titanium is the material of choice here.

For the membrane, we used our recently invented sandwich cone, a structure that is extremely stiff in the middle section where the voice coil is attached and equipped with a higher damping section at the outer rim, exactly where it is needed. The entirely new designed high excursion surround is higher than wide and provides a piston area that is up to 20% larger as comparable bass units. It combines a large mechanical excursion limit with a unique narrow shape and very low distortion.

Vb: 62L, Port diameter: 70mm, Length: 240mm, Fres: 25Hz, F-3dB: 38Hz, Q: 0.58 (optimal)
Vb: 91L, Port diameter: 70mm, Length: 90mm, Fres: 29.5Hz, F-3dB: 31Hz, Q: 0.50 (extended bass)
Vb: 54L, Port diameter: 70mm, Length: 170mm, Fres: 31Hz, F-3dB: 39Hz, Q: 0.61 (0.7dB Ripple @ 50Hz)

Vb: 39L, -5dB @ 40Hz, -17dB @ 20Hz, F-3dB: 50Hz, Q: 0.71 (typical)
Vb: 101L, -5dB @ 40Hz, -13dB @ 20Hz, F-3dB: 51Hz, Q: 0.50 (extended bass)

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