Audax HM100C0 4" Carbon Fiber Cone Woofer

Price: $88.40


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Manufacturer: Audax
Product ID : hm100c0
Weight: 3.50 lbs
Manufacturer: Audax
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Audax HM100C0 4" Carbon Fiber Cone Woofer

Made for high end compact 2-way and satellite systems, this 4" Bass-Midrange driver offers the advantages of a very stiff and light woven Carbon Fiber cone, coupled to a high loss rubber suspension. Bass reproduction is firm, tight and dynamic while the cone motion is well damped. Special consideration has been taken to ensure the best possible transient response, and an exceptionally natural top end roll-off. Unobstructed venting of the Zamack die cast chassis, coupled with a grill protected, vented pole piece and a soft polymer dustcap all contribute to the dramatic transient response. High power handling results from the flat, edgewound copper coil mounted onto a fiberglass reinforced Kapton voice coil former. Gold plated terminals offer excellent solderability. Made in France.

This driver is the same frame size as many older NLA Focal drivers. It is an exact drop in and should be a considered a good replacement.

  • Woven Carbon Fiber cone
  • Non resonant die cast chassis
  • Ventilated spider and large vented pole piece
  • High loss, high compliance inverted rubber surround
  • Edgewound voice coil, flat copper wire
  • Frequency range 115Hz to 8kHz
  • Recommended enclosure 5 liters vented box with a 1" diameter straight port, 5" length: Fb ~87 Hz,  F3~118Hz.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Seren2
09/27/2012 - 02:51:49 PM
HM100C0, 'This, the AAC version of the original Audax, is a unique driver, specializing in great clarity but having unique faults. These include a sealed-box roll off of 130-180Hz (but otherwise good bass) and an ear-splitting breakup mode. This HAS to be dealt with, and the trickiest solution comes straight from J. Krutke and his peak-smashing method for his own aluminum driver. Cap: 0.33mic. Inductor: 1mH. This works. What does not work is the 1Mh, And I have chosen around .35 mH and .90 mfd, this keeping the inductor/ cap product the same, but lowering the trap frequency a little bit. Sounds really fantastic. Mates with tweeter at about 4500(!!) This is a range for planar & ribbon tweeters, but for me, any ribbons have NOT worked, period. My Fostex ftpr7 is very much at home, as would be the Hi vi -1c. The performance with massed chorus is otherworldly! Cheap and very high SAF using box sizes down to 1.7 liters. Also efficient- works on flea-power amps, and this is most uncommon W/ four-inch drivers.' Review by Doug Packard. Posted by Madisound.

HM100C0, 'I have used a modified version of the ancestor of this driver, the MHD10P25FSM in the now defunct Microphase SAT from 1984 onwards. I have used the current version as a replacement and found it quite good, although the lack of a phase plug, as used in our version, does make a difference in the transient response. I suppose it has something to do with the break-up mode discussed in the other review. If you want to know more about our design, you can visit our site:, where we talk about iconic French speakers and other HiFi products from the 70s and 80s. Good reading!' Review by Jean-Marie LIERE. Posted by Madisound.