Satori MW13P-8 5" Egyptian Papyrus Cone Woofer - 8 ohm

Price: $131.00


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Manufacturer: Satori
Product ID : MW13P-8
Weight: 3.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Satori
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Satori MW13P 5" Egyptian Papyrus Cone Woofer - 8 ohm

Manufacturer Specifications PDF

Satori is a Buddhist term for enlightenment.  The word literally means "understanding".  Satori translates as a flash of awareness.  Satori drivers are designed for subtlety and realism. 

  • Vented aerodynamic cast aluminum chassis for optimum strength and low compression
  • Proprietary cone material with EGYPTIAN PAPYRUS fibres made in-house
  • Soft low damping rubber surround for optimum transient response
  • Advanced BIMAX spider for improved linearity
  • Powerful optimized low distortion neodymium motor system
  • Non-conducting fibre glass voice coil former for minimum damping
  • Extended copper sleeve on pole piece for low inductance and reduced distortion
  • CCAW voice coil for reduced moving mass
  • Long life silver lead wires attached 180° apart for improved stability
  • Vented pole piece for reduced compression
  • High piston to chassis diameter ratio
  • Gasket and bolt hole protrusions for reduced coupling to speaker cabinet

Here are some box alignments you might consider using.

  • For a sealed box try 0.1 cubic foot (2.8 liters) with 25% filling for an F3 of about 115Hz.
  • In 0.18 cubic foot (5 liters) with a 1" vent by 3.75" long your F3 is about 70Hz.
  • In an extended bass shelf of 0.35 cubic foot (9.5 liters) with a 1.5" vent by 6" long your F3 is about 63Hz.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by rpjasin
07/17/2015 - 12:47:38 PM
Outstanding Speaker
I was attracted to this driver because of the shape. Most small bass speakers have huge magnets that can get in the way. Since my project was to build a hidden sealed enclosure that could fit in a stealth manner under my factory speaker location in my 1961 Chrysler 300G, I needed a small bass driver that would fit in a triangular shaped box and this fit the bill. The quality of this piece is superb. Beautiful to look at, fantastic to listen to. This speaker installed in the custom enclosure performs exactly as I hoped it would. Combined with two kick panel hidden speakers and two 4" above it, in the factory 6x9 location, driven by a Soundstream mono sub amp, creates a stealth wall of sound all controlled by an iPod. Bass settings are important as it can be over driven, but when used within its power range, there is more than adequate bass on hand. Just a beautiful piece and well worth the $$.