Accuton C180-6-191, 7" Ceramic Mid/Bass

Price: $366.00


Manufacturer: Accuton
Product ID : C180-6-191
Weight: 9.50 lbs
Manufacturer: Accuton
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Accuton C180-6-191 7" Ceramic Cone Mid/Bass

This is the same as the C173-6-191, but in the 180mm frame with 4 screw holes.  The same specifications are used for both frame sizes.  This is recommended as a replacement to older C180-6-095 woofers.


180mm diameter flange
148mm cut out diameter
5mm thick flange

The C180-6-191 is a 7" inch bass-midrange for small bookshelf monitors or slim floor standers.  The medium sized voice coil with 38mm titanium voice coil former provides high midrange resolution.  The long excursion is for high SPL capabilities.  Consider this as a successor to C173-6-095, but with higher excursion and smaller box size.  This driver might be interchangeable with the C180-6-095 using the same crossover.

  • Overhung motor design
  • 38mm Titanium VC former
  • Soft high shape rubber surround
  • Vented VC, pole piece and former
  • Reinforced cone for use in high excursion applications
  • Vented box design parameters:
    • Vb: 12L, Port diameter: 50mm, Length: 220mm, Fres: 45Hz, F-3dB: 50Hz, Q: 0.58 (optimal)
    • Vb: 18L, Port diameter: 50mm, Length: 150mm, Fres: 43.5Hz, F-3dB: 41Hz, Q: 0.50 (extended bass)
    • Vb: 10L, Port diameter: 50mm, Length: 240mm, Fres: 48Hz, F-3dB: 52Hz, Q: 0.61 (0.7dB Ripple @ 100Hz)
  • Closed Box design parameters:
    • Vb: 6.5L, -13dB @ 40Hz, F-3dB: 76Hz, Q: 0.71 (typical)
    • Vb: 18L, -10dB @ 40Hz, F-3dB: 85Hz, Q: 0.50 (extended bass)

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