Markaudio Alpair-10M Grey 6" Full Range Gen 3

Markaudio Alpair-10M Grey 6" Full Range Gen 3
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Manufacturer: Markaudio
Product ID : alpair-10m-grey
Weight: 5.50 lbs
Manufacturer: Markaudio
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Markaudio Alpair-10M Grey 6" Full Range Gen 3, with Excursion Arrestor

This Alpair 10 Gen.3 is the latest model in a development line designed to extend the performance of mid-sized Markaudio full-range emitters. This generation of Alpair 10 utilises a new ultra thin wall coil. Together with further modifications to the cone, this latest model delivers usable frequency range up to 25-kHz while retaining its “purist” single cone design.

This driver retains the multi-form cone technology with a new more efficient profile giving improved high range performance. Design modifications to the Gen.3ʻs coneʼs neck, together with the lighter coil deliver a better off axis response in the 15 degree region. Central stereo imaging and box angle placements benefit from these improvements.

The Gen.3 version houses an “Arrestor” in the magnet sub-assembly, a device that helps to avoid damage from over-load situations. For those users who like to add low frequency gain, the Gen.3ʼs power-train (cone, coil and suspensions) design retains the “long throw” design feature. While this driver is not deigned for continuous heavy loads, the Gen.3 is capable of handling variable bass load outputs from from most typical and popular forms of music.

The Gen.3 retains the audible smoothness of its predecessors while adding usable bandwidth, improved SPL and additional scope for optimising room placement of the box system.   

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    Reviewed by audiolink43
    audiolink43 bought "Markaudio Alpair-10M Grey 6" Full Range Gen 3" on our website
    04/20/2012 - 07:44:02 PM
    State of the Art
    Can the low resistance suspension and powerful motor articulate almost 8 grams of mass with finesse of modern tweeters? It seems so. These have been tested in the Pensil 10.2 and the Mar-Ken g2 cabinets that I built. I would say this is one of the best values in speaker building. Replacing the driver would be very easy due to the special clips used by these drivers.

    If you buy this driver take the time to build the cabinet nicely. I would not bother with grills, the drivers look outstanding. Madisound's picture is washed out looking compared to the actual driver.