LX521 Linkwitz Lab Flat Pack Cabinets, PAIR

LX521 Linkwitz Lab Flat Pack Cabinets, PAIR
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Price: $620.00


Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
Product ID : LX521-Cab-Pair
Weight: 88.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
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LX521 Flat Pack Cabinets – Pair 

The price shown is for a stereo pair.

The LX521 is a full scale DIY speaker design from Siegfried Linkwitz of Linkwitz Lab. Also see the more compact LXmini Speaker Kit.

Madisound is excited to offer easy to assemble flat pack cabinets for this speaker kit. We also offer the Seas LX521 drivers, LX521.4 Linkwitz Lab ASP.4 Analog Signal Processor, and the miniDSP 4x10 HD Digital Signal Processor for this kit. 

The LX521 cabinets are locally cut by CNC machine from high quality 13 layer .72” Baltic Birch. The tweeter sub-baffles are hand cut from 1/8” Baltic Birch. We have been doing successful business with this local woodworking company for over 10 years, and they consistently provide top-notch work (see other products). The cabinets are shipped from Madisound to you flat packed, each enclosure in its own protective shipping container.

The top baffle, v-frame woofer enclosure, and woofer bridge are all cut with tongue and groove joints for easy and accurate assembly. To ensure the most rigid enclosure possible, there are several strategically placed screw hole recesses. None of the screws are visible when facing the speaker. We provide the appropriate screws for enclosure assembly and driver mounting.

Please note: Purchase the LX521 construction plans here.

*See detailed pictures below*

Each LX521-Cab Purchase Includes:

  • (2) LX521 Flat Pack cabinets
  • (36) OX8PAN1 Phillips head wood screws – enclosure assembly
  • (20) OXSOCKET6X3_4 Hex head wood screws – mount midrange drivers to baffle
  • (32) OXTNUT10-24 Socket head cap screws – mounting woofers to V-frame enclosure
  • (8) 1.5” x .75” steel inside corner braces - for woofer bridge
  • (16) Quick Connects for woofers, lower mids and upper mids
  • (4ft) 19 awg solid copper wire for tweeters – strip coating off ends, solder to tweeter tabs

Parts Required for Assembly:

  • Sand paper
  • Wood glue (we always use Elmer’s)
  • Clamps (at least 2x 36” bar clamps, the more the better)
  • 5/32” L-type Allen Hex Key – required to reach some of the woofer screws
  • Screwdriver or drill with Phillips head and 7/64 bits (if using provided socket head screws)

Other Parts to Consider:

  • Supra Speaker Wire - sold by the foot & many gauges available for the various runs from the amplifier output to the LX521 drivers
Shipping Charges:
  • Due to the relatively heavy weight of these cabinets (and drivers if selected), the shopping cart may not be able to provide an accurate shipping cost for you at checkout
  • Proceed with checkout and select "If no shipping estimates are displayed you can request a shipping estimate. - $0.00", we will contact you with shipping options prior to processing and shipping your order
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Baffle Parts

Top Baffle w/ Drivers - Front View


Baffle w/ Drivers - Rear View


Baffle w/ Drivers - Side View

Baffle Notes:

  • Tongue and groove joints on all 4 structural pieces
  • Screw hole recesses on underside of top baffle base to secure to baffle support
  • Angles screw hole recesses on baffle support to secure to rear side of baffle
  • Precise hand cut tweeter sub-baffles and filler piece for front view of baffle support - glue into place

Woofer Bridge Parts

Woofer Bridge Assembled


Woofer Bridge Brace


Woofer Bridge Notes:

  • Tongue and groove joints on all 5 structural pieces
  • Screw hole recesses on underside of feet to secure to the sides
  • 8 pcs (4 pcs per cabinet) of 1.5” x .75” steel inside corner braces to secure sides to top

V-Frame Woofer Cabinet Parts

Woofer Mounted w/ T-nuts & Bolts (there is clearance between magnet boot and bottom of cabinet)

V-Frame Woofer Enclosure Notes:

  • Tongue and groove joints on all 7 structural pieces
  • Strategically placed screw hole recesses inside of enclosure for extra support of woofer section
  • Pre-drilled holes for t-nut & bolt mounting of the woofers
  • Part "E" included but installation not required to support part "B" as shown in SL's original construction

Order of Assembly:

1. Sand (tongue & groove areas, edges, and driver holes)
2. Apply wood glue
3. Clamp (ensure proper alignment and flush edges)
4. Screw (we recommend drilling pilot holes prior to driving in the screws)
5. Let set
6. Mount drivers
7. Wire up
8. Plug in
9. Play
10. Enjoy!

More Pictures of Fully Assembled LX521

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      Reviewed by mikefleming2
      mikefleming2 bought "LX521 Linkwitz Lab Flat Pack Cabinets, PAIR" on our website
      05/24/2017 - 03:14:59 PM
      High Quality Cuts
      The flat pack was well thought out and with a little bit of pre-planning and reading the Linkwitz documentation, I was able to put these speakers together correctly the first time. They have carefully hidden all fasteners as much as possible and the cuts were well done. Much better than if I had done it myself. Initially, I was hesitant to pay in excess of $600 for pre-cut wood. But having it done right the first time made it worth the cost. I recommend this flat pack if you are not into woodworking (I am not).

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