LXmini Linkwitz Lab Speaker Kit, PAIR

Price: $415.00


Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
Product ID : LXmini-pair
Weight: 12.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
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LXmini Linkwitz Lab Speaker Kit, PAIR

No woodwork required to assemble this kit if purchasing with wood parts option!

LXmini+2 flat packs now available. Upgrade your existing LXmini's or purchase w/ this product to build the LXmini+2 (LXmini + compact LXsub2 dipole woofers).

"Reference quality sound in any size room."

The LXmini is the creation by world renowned loudspeaker designer Siegfried Linkwitz. Please visit the Linkwitz Lab website for detailed information on this system. Also see the full scale LX521 kit.

Madisound is proud to offer enthusiasts the drivers from Seas of Norway, DSP module from miniDSP, and Acousta-Stuff damping material at a discounted price. Price shown is discounted and higher than putting together all the parts separately. 

"The LXmini is a most remarkable loudspeaker. It converts electrical signal voltages into acoustic pressure variations, which are perceived as completely neutral and detailed even in a reverberant environment. With this design I want to give every music lover the opportunity to build and enjoy a reference quality sound system singing in their own living space."- SL

Please note: Purchase of the LXmini construction plans is required and available here.

Stereophile Review from Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

Each LXmini Kit Includes:

2x Seas L16RN-SL (H1480) 6" Aluminum Cone Woofers
2x Seas FU10RB (H1600-04) 4" Curv Cone Full Range Drivers
1x miniDSP 2x4 Digital Signal Processor Preloaded w/ the LXmini Configuration File 
1x Acousta-Stuff # Internal Damping Material

Optional Wood Pieces & Related Items Includes:

- Complete set of all wood parts (Material List - C, C1-C6) for a pair of speakers
- CNC cut from MDF (paint or finish to taste)
- Includes 10 pcs YRF rubber feet & 10 pcs OX10PAN1 screws to mount the feet
- Base has pilot holes drilled for the feet
- Includes 2 pcs of 4” Cap Hub Flat (B2 on material list) that have been pre-drilled for binding posts & mounting onto the base 
- Includes 4 pcs G-POST Red, 4 pcs G-POST Black, & 8 pcs of OX6PAN3/4 screws to complete this part of the assembly
Note: the binding posts replace Material List - E,  E3 4-conductor terminal block
- Note: attach wire to binding posts before mounting B1 into B2 
- See picture of all included parts
- Contact use by email or phone if you would like to purhcase the Wood Pieces & Related Items only ($115)

Also Consider:

- QC110 Quick Connects, 2 Red + 2 Black (for full range drivers)
- QC205 Quick Connects, 2 Red + 2 Black (for woofers)
QC205 Quick Connects, 4 Red + 4 Black (for binding posts)
- Supra Classic 1.6 15 awg speaker wire, 20 feet (internal wire from drivers to terminal block or binding posts)
- Supra wire of choice, purchase length you require (from terminal block/binding posts to amplifier)
- BP-SZ Banana Plug, 4 Red + 4 Black (connect speaker wire at amplifier)

DSP Options (available from the drop down menu):

- miniDSP 2x4 included standard with kit purchase
- miniDSP 2x4 HD upgrade option 
- miniDSP 4x10 HD upgrade option
- no miniDSP if you already own one
- miniDSP 2x4 & 2x4 HD are preloaded w/ the LXmini configuration file with kit purchase 
- miniDSP 4x10 HD *does not* come preloaded w/ the LXmini configuration ~ follow instructions on the owner support page

miniDSP Plug-In Code

Included with the purchase of any miniDSP in this kit ~ a $10 value
Your code is shipped with the miniDSP unit 

Redeem @ miniDSP.com (create a user account @ www.minidsp.com> log in > go to www.minidsp.com/coupon > select appropriate plug-in > enter code & click "Validate" > download to your computer from your account via "User Downloads at top right of screen)

The miniDSP 2x4 and 2x4HD come pre-loaded with LXmini configuraton file, so you only need to install and use the plug in if your unit malfuntions or you want to make changes to the system. miniDSP 4x10 HD users will need to download the plug-in and load the configuration file onto the unit. 

Customers of this kit will still need to acquire the PVC piping, rubber coupler, and other miscellaneous parts. They are typically readily available from your hardware store. See full list of parts on the required plans you purchase from Linkwitz Lab. 

Seas L16RN-SL (H1480) 6" Aluminum Cone Woofer

Seas FU10RB (H1600-04) 4" Curv Cone Full Range Driver

miniDSP 2x4 Digital Signal Processor 

Optional Wood Pieces & Related Items

LXmini Constructed from Madisound Kit - Finished in Black

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by djginwis
09/30/2018 - 08:06:42 PM
I recently built the Linkwitz LX minis from the Madisound kit. Basic kit, wood kit and plans. I did a simple finish, sanded white PVC and textured black wood parts.

Basically the kit was just fine. I changed a couple of small things such as the mounting of the midrange PVC pipe, and the midrange wire route.

The sound is very nice. Bass is adequate, no plans to add sub(s). I have a receiver pre out to the mini DSP to a pair of fairly high power stereo amps. CDs, FM and LPs are my sources. The fellow to whom I sold all my old speakers cheap is sending me a Raspberry Pi device to get me into the 21st century.

I recommend the LXmins to anyone wanting an inexpensive Linkwitz project. Not difficult, but different than wood boxes. I recommend a compound miter saw for cutting the PVC.

Mr Linkwitz is sadly gone, and there will be no more such speaker designs.
03/12/2017 - 09:34:24 AM
9.5 / 10
The excellent build review by AudiocRaver at hometheatershack.com gave me the final impetus to buy this kit, which I'd been eyeing for a couple of months.

It arrived a couple of days after I placed the order, well packed and in good shape.

The MDF can soak up a lot of paint at the cut edges. I gave it two good coats of primer, with plenty of drying time in between. Then I applied auto body spot putty, wet sanded it smooth with 320 grit, and a final coat of primer before spraying on the enamel color.

I suggest ordering the spade connectors for the drivers, because the ones on the 4" are quite small and I had to scrounge around a bit to find ones that worked. If you're counting on Radio Shack to have them, you'll be out of luck.

I assembled speaker wires from standard banana connectors, and when I plugged them into the connectors under the base I found that they hit the floor because the rubber feet are too short to provide proper clearance! That's the only reason I don't give the kit five stars.

Sonically, the LXminis are amazing, the online reviews don't overstate their performance. One of the first things I put on was Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, and all of that echoey, spinning off into infinity stuff was rendered with perfect clarity. Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue (192/24 from HDTracks) is expansive: the crackle at the edges of Mile’s tone is crisp, Trane and Cannonball punchy and focused, Cobb’s cymbals so present that it really was like he was in the room with me.

Siegfried Linkwitz is a friggin’ genius. Build these, when you're done you'll only be sorry that you hadn't done it sooner.
Reviewed by eikaudio
05/09/2016 - 04:59:45 AM

Since moving back to the SF Bay Area, i realized i was not to far from Siegfried Linkwitz. I have been on his website reading up on his speakers for a few years, the Orions were to expensive and the Pluto just didn't appeal. Then came the LX521 and again just to much money for me to spend, but then came the LXmini. I was instantly interested in the design and the price was in my budget.
On SL's website, I found at the end of one of the pages an invitation to make an appointment to audition these speakers at SL's house....what?... how great is this!!!

I got the full audition from Siegfried and it was awesome! LXMini, with and without the +2 subs. I was surprised at the bass performance of those little 6" woofers, very nice! With the subs, bass was a little smoother and deeper but not in your face, a very nice sound. For my money the LXMini is great without the subs! Volume was also impressive, filling the room with music! Imaging is magic and you don't "hear the speakers at all! Very clean sounding! I don't know a bunch of fancy words but these are fantastic speakers!

Siegfried is a gracious, wonderful man to talk to, plus he knows a few things about speakers! He is a true asset to the DIY community! I will be building my LXminis soon!

Thanks SL and Madisound!
Reviewed by AudiocRaverWayne
04/14/2016 - 04:08:32 AM
Point Source Reference Speaker
I heard the LXmini at RMAF and at AXPONA, and just had to build a pair. Madisound's optional wood parts kit with connectors & hardware was a no-brainer. Unless you are a fanatical woodworker (I am NOT) the wood parts kit is an ABSOLUTE MUST!

Assembly was straightforward with basic tools, no cutting, just painting, drilling, gluing, soldering, and screwing it together. The final result really is a reference quality speaker set. I added a pair of inexpensive powered subwoofers running in stereo mode (no bass management), crossing with the LXmini at 120 Hz. Madisound's LXmini Studio Kit is another way to get there. That way you get deep bass (down to 25 Hz) and high volume capability (up to 90 dB SPL in a mid-field configuration).

I would call it a medium-complexity build. I write for Home Theater Shack, so I have the following published there:

LXmini Build Thread - http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/diy-speakers/134753-linkwitz-lab-lxmini-speaker-build-kit.html#post1318121

From there you will find links to:
LXmini Performance Review
JBL ES150P Powered Subwoofer Review
YouTube Videoset of the LXmini Build:
-Part 1 of 4: Introduction, Preparation, and Painting
-Part 2 of 4: SubAssembly Assembly
-Part 3 of 4: Final Assembly
-Part 4 of 4: Final Assembly & Paint Job Repairs
Reviewed by apolinsky
apolinsky bought "LXmini Linkwitz Lab Speaker Kit, PAIR" on our website
03/18/2015 - 01:56:46 PM
Wonderful speaker
I just completed the LXmini, and am truly impressed with the sound. I've been involved with kit building from the Dyna and Heathkit days. When I decided to build my first Madisound speaker kit, I tried something easy to get back into the construction world. Until completion of the kit I was listening to a set of AR 10 PI (AR 3A update) along with a pair of Citation 13 speakers. The minis are accurate, and any instrument I listened to, from piano, to oboes, to strings and woodwinds sound lifelike and without boom or coloration. They remind me of an experimental speaker my parents used to have constructed by Stuart Hegeman. I may try to construct the larger LX521 at some time, but for right now I'm completed pleased.