Seas Excel C18EN002/A (E0060) 6.5" Coaxial - Each

Price: $487.60


Manufacturer: Seas Excel
Product ID : C18EN002A
Weight: 5.50 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Excel
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Seas Excel 6.5" White Aluminum/Magnesium Alloy Cone/Dome Coaxial Midrange/Tweeter

King Coax C18EN002/A - E0060-08/06

Spec sheet: Seas Excel C18EN002/A E0060-08/06

This driver features a low-mass, surface-treated aluminium/magnesium alloy cone which behaves like a piston throughout the audible frequency range, without any sign of midrange resonances.

The coaxially mounted aluminium/magnesium alloy dome tweeter has a low resonance frequency, and integrates with the cone driver to form a point source.

The cone profile has been carefully designed to optimally load the tweeter’s radiation. A completely new rubber surround reduces resonances and prevents surround break up in the midrange band. The surround’s small inverted roll, combined with a profile that follows the shape of the cone, results in almost total elimination of diffraction effects on the tweeter’s output.

The powerful neodymium magnet system, with its small profile and optimal shape, results in high midrange sensitivity with minimal back wave reflections. Heavy copper rings mounted above and below the T-shaped pole piece reduce nonlinear and modulation distortion and increase overload margin. The crown-shaped copper tweeter support ring eliminates any resonance coming from the cavity between the tweeter body and midrange voice coil former.

All of these features work together to provide a smooth and well behaved off-axis response throughout the entire operating range.

History of the King Coax

This has been an important project for a long time at SEAS. It all started when one of our studio monitor clients asked us to develop a monitor, a midrange coax and a 26cm woofer. We decided to create the best coax speaker we possibly could.

The special part of this unit is the midrange midrange-coax, with a large midrange membrane, which does not require much movement. This gives the tweeter the best possible working conditions.

The King Coax received its name from the copper ring under the tweeter. When we opened up the ring to reduce the dip in the frequency, it resembled the look of a crown. A coax with such good results and a crown, the name King Coax seemed to fit perfectly.

Suggested Alignment:

You could try this coaxial speaker in a 0.2 to 0.25 cubic foot sealed enclosure for and F3 of about 145Hz.  This is a midrange/tweeter speaker, we do not recommend using it as a woofer/tweeter.

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