PSP 2FLARE 2" Flared Port Tube Kit (PSP2-BKNT)

PSP 2FLARE 2" Flared Port Tube Kit (PSP2-BKNT)
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Price: $9.55


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Manufacturer: Precision Sound Products
Product ID : 2flare
Weight: 1.50 lbs
Manufacturer: Precision Sound Products
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Precision Sound Products 2" Flared Vent Kit (PSP2-BKNT)

Use this product when your design calls for a 2" diameter port.

  • 2FLARE KIT includes: 1 outside flare, 1 inside flare, 1 vent pipe, 2 connecting rings. 
  • 12" long overall - cut vent pipe to proper length for your application.
  • Promotes non turbulent air flow at both ends of port = optimal air flow
  • Reduces/eliminates port noise and chuffing
  • Overall diameter of outside flare 5.25"
  • Cutout diameter 4" (size of hole required in your enclosure to fit outside flare)
  • Thickness of flange 3.2mm
  • Overall diameter of inside flare 4.25"
  • Cutout diameter of inside flare 4"
  • Thickness of flange 3.2mm
  • Inside flare can be used as outside flare if you require a smaller footprint on the outside of the cabinet
  • Minimum length with both flares and one connecting ring: 5"
  • Minimum length with only outer flare: 2.5" (3" with connecting ring)
  • Minimum length with only inner flare: 2.5" (3" with connecting ring)
  • Remember to add 1" of length to your calculated length for the flares
  • The pipe is made from ABS plastic, so use any adhesive made for ABS to glue them together. 

Flared Port Tubes for Speaker Cabinets

Key Features of the PSP Precision Port

  • Greater Sound Pressure Levels: The "PSP Precision Port™" can add an average of 3db in output if used correctly.
  • Cleaner Sound - Less Distortion: No turbulence at entrance or exit of port.
  • Cosmetically Appealing: The mounting flange on the outside flare has been textured to be more appealing to the eye.
  • Adaptability: Can be used in any type of ported enclosure as long as you have left a minimum diameter of 5.25" for 2" ports, 6.25" for 3" ports, 7.25" for 4" ports, and 9.25" for 6" ports.
  • High Quality ABS Construction: In order to obtain a high quality part we utilize injection and extruded molding processes. This allows PSP to achieve closer tolerances so all parts will fit properly.
  • Easy Installation: Due to the design of the 3" and 4" PSP Precision Ports you can simply cut your port hole to the same diameter as the flared end of the inside port, drop the assembled port in and either glue or screw it down. No need to use round-over routering and back filling. Currently PSP manufactures 2", 3", 4", and 6" sizes. Due to the modular design we have incorporated into our product you can achieve port lengths from 4" on the 2" PSP Precision Port and 5" on the 3", 4" , and 6" PSP Precision Ports, flares only with 1 connecting ring, to any length you need by adding lengths of tubing and connecting rings.
  • Mounting Hole Variations: The mounting flange on the 3" and 4" outside flare is made with predrilled holes. The 2" and 6" outside flares have recessed drill bit guides on the back of the flange if you want to drill mounting holes. The 2" and 6" also have a ring on the back side of the outside flare to help secure the flare in the enclosure.

2" Diameter Port Tube with Flare

3" Diameter Port Tube with Flare

4" Diameter Port Tube with Flare

4" Diameter Port Tube with Dimpled Flare

6" Diameter Port Tube with Flare

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by snowman
05/21/2012 - 12:40:55 AM
I actualy bought this flare to win a bet. A week ago a local pro radio shop (yeah wright) was telling a customer he could not port such a small sub box. well we kind of argued a bit over it, and ended up makeing a $100 bet. So i bought one and installed in his box tuned to 35hz, and he was so impressed he tiped me $50. So we went back to the shop, and after about 10 min of them listening they paid me my $100. So i ended up makeing $150 for just a few min of work. So i then bought another port and ended up porting my sealed sub box.

Box was .85 cu ft, but after calculating speaker displacement, box ended up being .78 cu ft. Sub used was a 12'' kicker dvc cvr.

The adavantage to porting a small box is you dont loose the punch you get from a sealed box. But when you use the flared ports you get a much lower and deeper bass. Plus a better freq response. And no port noise or chuffing, thats inevidable with regular or squared vented ports.

Now its starting to get anoying showing people my small box, they just cant believe all that sound comeing from such a small enclosure.