ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004/6620-00 Tweeter

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Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
Product ID : d3004_6620-00
Weight: 1.32 lbs
Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
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ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004/662000 Tweeter

  • 1" Textile Dome Diaphragm
  • Magnet System w. Alu Ring
  • Diffraction Damping Rubber Front
  • Large Roll Surround f. Wide Dispersion
  • AirCirc Motor Design w. 6 Neo magnets
  • Die Cast Rubber Painted Alu Face Plate

The Illuminator tweeters continue on with the heritage of the renowned Revelator D29. The large-roll surround and textile dome diaphragm provide a flat frequency response to above 30KHz with outstanding off-axis dispersion. The face plates are die cast in aluminum for a beautiful look with maximum mechanical stability. Scan-speak’s unique AirCirc Magnet System - named for the way it optimizes air flow within the chamber – rearranges the traditional magnet structure from a single magnet to an open magnetic circuit comprised of six separate neodymium slugs. This, in combination with the chamber, results in the elimination of the reflections and resonances that compromise the performance of traditional motors. The D3004-662000 gives engineers improved control over critical midrange performance, for superb vocal rendition and excellent imaging at all listening locations.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jugyn
04/09/2016 - 12:12:38 PM
ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004/6620-00 Tweeter
Installed in three band loudspeaker with the RIKE AUDIO capacitors, aluminium,paper in oil. The sound is excellent with the monoblocks SONY TA-NR1 CLASSE A, ACCUPHASE DC-300 preamp, OPPO 105 EU I am very happy!
Reviewed by hbrew47
08/02/2015 - 04:35:02 PM
natural sound
I used this with the Scanspeak 18WU/8747T 7" Illuminator driver and I am satisfied. Works well together providing seamless highs. Crossed over at around 1800 Hz.
Reviewed by theoracleprodigy
theoracleprodigy bought "ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004/6620-00 Tweeter" on our website
08/28/2012 - 02:34:10 PM
I have these in a two way with the scan speak illuminator 7" woofer. They are absolutely the best two way speaker I have ever heard. As a matter of fact they are some of the best speakers I have ever heard period. I don't have much of a reference point however as I have only heard B&W's some Wilson's and a few other brands. That was some time ago and really these don't compare to any Best Buy or Ultimate Electronics speakers at all. They are way beyond store bought brands. The tweeters are some of the sweetest sounding as in clean and precise. I would go as far as to say they are as good as ceramic and even some diamond tweeters without that cost. Obviously they are a high cost soft dome tweeter but so worth it.