Seas Excel T35C-002 35mm Mid-Tweeter

Seas Excel T35C-002 35mm Mid-Tweeter
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Manufacturer: Seas Excel
Product ID : T35C002
Weight: 1.50 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Excel
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Seas Excel T35C-002 (E0055-06) 1.5" Textile Dome Tweeter

The T35C002 is a classic dome midrange tweeter with high sensitivity and a smooth, extended frequency response.

A coated fabric dome with integral surround manufactured by Dr. K. Müller in Germany ensures excellent performance and consistency. This supplier was among the first in the world to offer fabric dome diaphragms, and did produce the diaphragm for the famous 1.5” Dome Tweeter H087, developed by Seas in 1968 and used in the famous Dynaco A25 kit.

A small, high efficiency Neodymium ring magnet in a carefully designed system contributes to high sensitivity and low distortion. The top plate and T-yoke are CNC machined for excellent precision. A well damped vented pole and a rigid rear chamber ensure a low resonance frequency and smooth response.

A generously underhung 35mm voice coil wound from copper-clad aluminum wire further enhances the sensitivity. Flexible lead-out wires and venting holes in the aluminum coil former help reduce noise to a minimum.

A 7 mm thick precision machined aluminum front plate with moderate horn loading ensures linear frequency response and represents an extremely stable platform for the magnet system and the moving parts.

The frequency responses above show measured free field sound pressure in 0, 30, and 60 degrees, mounted in a 0.6m by 0.8m baffle. Input 2.83 VRMS, microphone distance 0.5m, normalized to SPL 1m. The impedance is measured without baffle using a 2V sine signal.



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Reviewed by ggim76
ggim76 bought "Seas Excel T35C-002 35mm Mid-Tweeter" on our website
02/23/2019 - 02:42:40 AM
Absolutely incredible
Intalled in the middle of a vertical MTM sealed enclore (already very good bass extension in 12L (F-6db = ~40-45Hz in room), going to upgrade to 20L just to see), surrounded by two Scan-Speak 18W/8545-01 in parallel. First order crossover @1.7kHz (impedance flattening and resonance notch for the tweeter and the midwoofer peak @2.6kHz.

This is probably the only tweeter in existence capable of being high passed that low first order without any audible distortion for the level I listen to (which is just enough to cover the ambient noise).

So the experience is about the whole system which includes this very tweeter. I believe, after a month of listening to the music like I never did before, that I was missing half of the artistic message of the music my whole life. It sounds literally lifelike. By moments I am startled by the realism of the reproduction. The stereo sound stage is rock solid and removes me totally from the acoustic of my living room. These speakers are so enjoyable to listen to, no harshness, just smooth to the extreme.

In the middle of this Song "Clear As Water feat. Bajka - Una Mas Trio" there is a solo of bass (kinda bigass cello). I wasn't paying attention to the music and putting my shoes to go outside. And from that distance I heard this bass solo and I raised my head to make sure there wasn't a bassist between the speakers. It's constantly realist like this with the voices and the instruments, just surprising sometimes. Oh my the drum set! The kick drum has a very nice tympanic effect sometimes and the texture of the cymbals is so smooth and detailed.

So enjoyable! I cannot recommend enough!

PS: schematics upon demand